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States are redefining when medical professionals can get mental health treatment without risking notifying the boards that regulate their licenses.

Too often, health care workers wait to seek counseling or addiction treatment, causing their work and patient care to suffer, said Jean Branscum, CEO of the Montana Medical Association, an industry group representing doctors.

“They’ve invested so much time in their career,” Branscum said. “To have anything jeopardize that is a big worry on their mind.”

Montana, like other states, has a recovery program for health professionals who have a substance use disorder or mental illness. However, medical associations say such programs often come with invasive monitoring, even for voluntary care. And gray areas about when a mental illness should become public breeds fear that seeking care jeopardizes a medical career.

The article highlights the urgent need for confidential mental health treatment for healthcare workers, who have been under significant strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite their critical role in providing care, many healthcare professionals face barriers to accessing mental health support due to concerns about confidentiality and stigma.

Healthcare workers are advocating for dedicated mental health services tailored to their unique needs, including confidential treatment options. They stress the importance of having access to mental health resources without fear of repercussions or judgment, as they navigate the immense stress and trauma associated with their work.

At, we recognize the importance of confidential and supportive mental health services, especially for those on the front lines of healthcare. Our helpline at 855-339-1112 is available to provide confidential assistance to healthcare workers and anyone else struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

If you or someone you know in the healthcare field is experiencing mental health challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Our team is here to offer support, guidance, and resources to ensure that healthcare workers receive the care they need to maintain their well-being.

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