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In a recent study in Population Studies, researchers explored the role of grandparental support in protecting mothers from depression.

Their results indicate that grandparental support may matter more for single mothers, while the role of grandmothers is more significant than that of grandfathers.

Mothers often bear a larger share of childcare responsibilities compared to fathers, especially among single parents due to various circumstances such as widowhood or separation. In many cases of parental separation, children tend to primarily reside with their mothers, even when custody is shared.

Separated mothers may need the support of family members as they navigate the challenges associated with single parenthood.

Grandparents can be a significant source of support for families with young children, particularly if they are younger, retired, healthy, and live close to their children and grandchildren.

Having a strong support system is known to be protective against depression, but few studies have explored the association between grandparental support and maternal depression.

Single mothers may be more likely to develop symptoms of depression and emotional stress than those who are partnered. Therefore, such investigations affect parental well-being, childcare, and related social policies.

A recent study explores the significant positive effects of grandparental support on the mental health of single mothers. Acknowledging the challenges faced by single-parent households, the research suggests that the involvement of grandparents can be a crucial factor in fostering resilience and well-being in both mothers and children.

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