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We have one reason or another to rid ourselves of opiates. Either we do this because we need to pass a drug test, or we are changing our lives, ridding ourselves of dependence. Either way, getting it out of our system is a good.

Opiates are like fire. They can offer incredible benefits, but if we lose control of them, they can be destructive. If you’re taking it because you must, and the doctor says so, then do so. If you’re using it for recreation, make sure you know very well what you’re doing.

How Long Do Opiates Stay In the Body?

The good news is that opiates don’t stay very long in the body. Depending on your size and weight, it can take as short as three days. On average, it takes a full week before all traces of the drug. During the process, you might experience withdrawal symptoms. The longer and more frequent your usage, the harder your withdrawal would be.

What Are The Methods To Flush Them Out?

The methods are divided into two categories: Short-Term and Long-Term. The short-term methods are simply to help rid the drugs completely off your body. The long-term methods are of course, for you to rid of it not just from your body, but from your life.

Short-Term Options

  • Water Cleansing

This is a basic method. Drink a lot of water, around 3 liters of water per day. Your body will then flush the water out by sweating or peeing. One good tip is to do exercise while doing so. The activity will help you sweat and cause more frequent urination. Depending on your rate of peeing, the drugs should flush in two days. This has the advantage of cleaning out any other toxins in your body.

  • Drinking Diuretics

To supplement the water method, your option is to make yourself pee even more. Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, and so is green tea. This method can cause dehydration, so make sure you also drink water.

  • Detox Drinks

They are drinks that have supplements that help your liver and kidneys. They can help your system metabolize the drug better. However, the time to flush it out will only be a little shorter than water cleansing.

Long-term Options

  • Taper Off Method

This applies to literally any sort of drug or alcohol. The idea is you take less and less over a period of time. Do it little enough, long enough and you can avoid withdrawal. Consult with your doctor so they can help you plot the decrease in dosage.

  • Detox Clinics and Outpatient Care

They can be pricey without insurance, but these clinics have procedures to flush it out of your body and mitigate withdrawal. They will also offer counsel, to address your triggers and stressors.

  • Rehab Centers

This is for people with serious dependencies. Your program can be as short as a week. In some cases, you’ll be asked to stay for a month or two. The good part here is you’ll have round-the-clock care and they will manage everything for you.

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