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Can You Overdose On Methamphetamine?




A lot of the cognitive and emotional deficits that come as a result of abusing meth are caused by the structural alterations in the brain. Chronic drug users can suffer reduced efficiency in the transport of a brain communication tool known as dopamine throughout the parts of your brain associated with memory and emotion. While these changes are only temporary, your return to the healthy state once again depends on your decision to stop completely or not.

  • The impact of meth on your body can often be too powerful and quick that users are compelled to chase the high time and time again.
  • As such, a lot of meth users fall into the trap of addiction and constantly seek crystal meth despite the knowledge of all the negative impacts of using it.
  • Other meth users are already struggling with a very powerful physical dependence that they begin to need to use meth on a regular basis just to avoid going through the symptoms of withdrawal.

Meth is categorized as a Schedule II stimulant and is usually available in a white powder form.

Sometimes, however, you can buy it in a pill form. As with crystal meth, it is the shiny crystalline formation of the drug. Although minimal doses of meth are deemed helpful for treating conditions like ADHD and narcolepsy, the National Institute on Drug Abuse confirms that meth is highly addictive when abused or misused.

If you’re currently suffering from meth addiction, you could be experiencing lethal side effects. Furthermore, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime revealed that a rise in meth-related seizures has been reported at around 21 percent from 2013-2014.

Although there are some health risks with using meth including memory loss, aggressive behavior, brain damage and mood issues, an overdose is deemed the most severe.

What Causes a Meth Overdose?

Overdosing on meth may happen on purpose or by accident, and its negative consequences may be experienced as your body reacts to the drug. The negative impact of meth is typically caused by dosing toxic levels that your body is unable to handle. If left untreated, overdosing on meth could be very deadly.

The University of Arizona’s MethOIDE or Methamphetamine and Other Illicit Drug Education reveals that majority of meth-related deaths are the result of a body suffering from heat stroke and multiple organ failures. Overdosing on meth can also result in a sharp rise in the blood pressure that can possibly lead to a hemorrhage, and liver failure. In extremely rare cases, the contaminants from illicit drug use can lead to poisoning.

If you have not used meth yet, please be aware that trying it is like opening yourself up to a possible bulk of lethal signs and symptoms, and even overdose. Remember that meth is an illegal drug so you cannot be too sure of the strength, purity, and safety of the drug.

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