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What Does Crystal Methamphetamine Look Like?




There are people who will be shocked to know that crystal meth is really just a mix of all sorts of commercial and household chemicals. In fact, it can easily be made in home kitchens.

  • The drug can stimulate the central nervous system in a negative way and it is even stronger than cocaine.
  • The drug itself is often ingested, snorted, smoked, or injected to create an energetic euphoric high lasting for hours and days at a time.
  • Crystal meth has become an extremely addictive drug releasing a lot of dopamine in
    every single dose.
  • The relapse rates of crystal meth are extremely high for people who are attempting
    to quit Meth use.

Users tend to smoke crystal meth with the help of a light bulb, foil or a pipe.

Other unconventional ways of using Crystal meth is by snorting it like cocaine or by injecting it into the vein, skin or muscle using a needle and syringe. A more traditional way is to simply ingest crystal meth orally or mix it with coffee. Others mix it with alcohol for a heightened effect but can be extremely dangerous.

Crystal meth is actually quite attractive.

Solid form is the attractive form of crystal meth. It looks like a quartz in appearance or like rock candy, glass, or icicles. The powder form, on the other hand, looks a lot like cocaine in its chalk-like powder form or like crystallized dust with reddish, yellowish or whitish tinge. It does not smell like anything, but it definitely tastes bitter. Sometimes the yellow tinge will make it look like champagne.

Liquid form, meanwhile, presents a yellowish or reddish crystal meth that can be dissolved usually placed in a syringe then injected into the vein. When crystal meth is mixed with water, the latter can be boiled so meth will be left in its solid form. Liquid crystal meth may also be applied on paper and the user will just tear off a small piece of that and ingest the paper with Crystal meth to get high.

Off the streets, you may hear crystal meth by the names:

  • Crystal
  • Poorman’s cocaine
  • Yellow bam
  • Ice
  • Trash
  • Glass
  • Yaba
  • Crank
  • Chrissy
  • Bump
  • Tina

Crystal meth smells a lot like the ingredients it is made with.

However, the closer you get to its most pure form, the lesser odor it will have. The impurities are actually what make up most of the scent you can detect. You can smell this in meth users as their bodies will smell like it when it is trying to expel the toxins.

Crystal meth users often describe its smell as something like nail polish remover, oven cleaner, rotten eggs, burning plastic, ammonia or cat urine. It is sickeningly bitter and sweet.

If you have just been acquainted with several new people that seem rather jumpy, often doing repetitive tasks, unusually alert, and unable to sit still, they are probably users of crystal meth. Users do a lot of queer things when they are addicted to drugs as well as
when they are “high.”

Crystal meth users, also, have dilated pupils and look anorexic. They also have really bad teeth, really foul body odor, and bad breath.

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