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Is Adderall A Methamphetamine?




We have heard of parents of patients with ADHD and ADD share about doctors prescribing Adderall to their young or adult children. The drug is used to stabilize the patients and minimize hyperactivity. While these people need Adderall for the treatment of their disorders, abuse in its use have also been recorded.

  • Adderall and methamphetamine are both stimulants.
  • These drugs were originally meant to treat conditions like ADHD and ADD with the doctor’s prescription.
  • According to reports, the drug makes students hyperfocus on tasks and gives them more energy when cramming for exams and school projects.
  • Recreational use of this drug has become rampant among young people.
  • Considering that both drugs are stimulants, they can also be the grounds of severe addictions.  

Adderall is prescription drug brand name.

It is a combination of two stimulants dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. The drug is chiefly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Since it is a powerful stimulant, it has a high potential for misuse. Adderall was made a part of Schedule II controlled substances that may lead to addiction.

For ADHD patients, Adderall can be helpful when taken accurately as prescribed by the doctor. However, the prescription of this drug to adults who claim to have ADHD symptoms and for non-medical use has increased in recent times.

Students, according to reports, have also discovered that Adderall can be helpful as a study aid. Owing to its capability in keeping people wide awake, young people find it beneficial to use it when studying for examinations.

Thirty percent of prescribed Adderall has been diverted to illegal use.

Adderall is quite similar with methamphetamine drug. By scientific view, the amphetamines are known as methylated phenylethylamine, whereas the methamphetamine is double methylated phenylethylamine. The group creates the major dissimilarity between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

However, with reference to its elemental components, such difference is insignificant. The methamphetamine extra methyl group acts by letting the substance flow in the blood stream of the blood-brain barrier faster, generating a  much more potent drug.

Also, a wide host of chemicals can be found in meth and is neurotoxic, a harmful substance that can cause severe damage to the brain, than Adderall. As the methamphetamine crosses the blood-brain barrier, it may also account for fast meth addiction.

Regardless of the differences between these two drugs, they carry out similar effects as stimulants. At the same time, both can have harmful addictive consequences.

Although Adderall and meth are similar drugs, methamphetamine is the only one recognized as a dangerous and addictive drug.  

Adderall as prescription amphetamines seldom receives the same off-putting feedback- notwithstanding its perilous and high influence for addiction. It means that a lot of young people are vulnerable to Adderall addiction.

If both Meth and Adderall addictions are not treated, the consequences can be life threatening. These drugs are powerful that may eventually cause you a dysfunctional life because it can compromise your physical and mental health. Stimulant addictions need a complete and holistic treatment to prevail over the habit. Since all addictions can be relentless and meth addiction could root into special mental and physical tribulations, a long-term inpatient treatment might help.

One of the first signs of developing addiction is the abuse of prescription medications and illegal drugs. Just remember that the misuse of these stimulant drugs due to excessive doses can be detrimental. When you or a loved one needs help, contact an addiction specialist immediately.


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