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Cocaine is an extremely powerful illicit drug that is highly addictive. It can cause some of the most dangerous effects on your body, especially your brain. The powerful stimulant can put great stress on your vascular system; your heart will be made to beat faster and your blood vessels will constrict after you take the drug.

  • In many cases, the effects of cocaine on the body can lead to a cardiac arrest, a heart attack or a stroke.
  • Regular cocaine users are placed at a greater risk of damaging and increasing the size of their heart.
  • Cocaine can taste sour or semi-sweet with a hint of vinegar and salt.

The taste of cocaine is largely dependent on how the drug was produced. In any case, cocaine has the ability to numb your tongue and nose the instant it reaches your senses. However, it can also feel somewhat “cakey,” while a few say that cocaine tastes like medicine. Cocaine can significantly smell strong, but this can only be felt when you choose to snort it.

The major signs to confirm that a person is involved in cocaine drug abuse.

Cocaine Powder

The person may disappear from everyone’s radar all of a sudden and return in a different mood. He or she may seem rather confident, talkative, and sexually excited. Also, users may show signs of high energy although they could lose their appetite to eat food.

A person abusing powder cocaine can be found with traces of the white powder just around the nose. If they choose to inject powder cocaine, you can check for needle marks on his arms, hands, neck, legs or feet.

An individual abusing cocaine also usually shows dilated pupils and is more sensitive to bright light. Abusers may also have a runny nose that can bleed, showing damages in the nasal septum. It is extremely important to remember that the effects of using powder cocaine can last for around 1 hour or more.

Crack Cocaine

The crack type of cocaine is generally smoked so you can look for small glass pipes or tiny plastic bags in the area where you suspect the person to have smoked some.

The euphoric high brought about by crack is typically shorter and does not last over 15 minutes. A regular user, however, can be spotted with burns on his lips or his fingers.

Additionally, you need to bear in mind the symptoms of using cocaine includes disorientation, delusions, aggressiveness, paranoia and antisocial behavior. If anyone you know shows these signs, you need to talk to them or take them to medical professionals for help.

Cocaine: the potent stimulant

It should be noted that the high that users feel after using the illicit drug is caused by the buildup of this chemical. You can typically feel the euphoric high of cocaine immediately after consumption. For others, the effect can last for a few minutes, while it can last for hours in some.

The duration of its effects on your body

A faster onset is typically achieved when cocaine is smoked. Through this mode of administration, the high becomes more intense although shorter in duration with an average of 5 to 10 minutes. By comparison, the effects of snorting cocaine can last around 15-30 minutes. The period of stimulation can, however, diminish with repetitive use.

Most cocaine users are full of high energy and euphoria, are generally talkative, and mentally alert with increased sensations of sight and sound. Using less than 100 mg of cocaine can already produce these results. Also, cocaine can temporarily reduce your need for food and sleep. Most users often resort to this drug use to claim some alertness and energy that they need to perform physical and intellectual tasks. In this case, addiction centers ion Iowa can help.

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