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What Does Cocaine Smell Like?




I’ve had the chance of smelling cocaine as strong as 93%. It certainly has the smell that is characterized by what other writers say; it can taste like fingernail polish, diesel or paint but that numbing smell can only be described in a way that can sweep you off of your feet.

This is exactly the reason why crack is placed amongst the most highly addictive drugs available off the streets. However, if you are looking to get help with crack cocaine abuse or just general cocaine addiction, you can start it by learning about comprehensive treatment guides available over the Internet under professional treatment facilities.

Crack is known as the cooked cocaine hydrochloride.

It comes in a shiny light brown or white powder. The base material of the crack is characterized by a white or beige-like color that can either look like soapy or flaky solid chunks. Crack is being produced by dissolving the powdered form of cocaine in a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or ammonia. This same mixture is boiled until the solid substance is formed. Once the solid is separated, it needs to be dried and broken into chunks.

Since cocaine is an extremely strong stimulant on the central nervous system (CNS), it has the ability to interfere with the body’s reabsorption process of dopamine- the chemical messenger related to pleasure and movement. The use of crack can block the normal reabsorption of dopamine in the brain and can also elevate its level. Once dopamine level is elevated, it can lead to the chronic stimulation of opioid receptors. Basically, this explains why users can feel the euphoric “rush” as well as the sudden “crash” immediately after.

These processes are more often faster when the crack is smoked. Note that crack is non-water-soluble; hence, may not be transferred via the nasal tissue into the bloodstream. On the other hand, Cocaine HCL is salt so it can be dissolved in water and be absorbed easily by the mucous membrane, straight into the bloodstream until it reaches the brain.

Crack users often believe that snorting can get them high faster.

Studies have shown that crack cannot be absorbed when it is snorted. It basically just goes through the nasal passages, then the throat, and ends up in the stomach.

Once in the stomach, the crack can cause feelings of happiness and excitement. While it can negatively alter your mood leading to sudden mood swings, it can also get you nervous, angry, and paranoid shortly after. Often, crack users feel like someone is after them and would want to hurt them.

After reaching peak levels, the effects of crack begins to wear off, so you “crash” and feel very tired and depressed for several days. You can also get a strong craving to use the drug again so you can feel better and remove the withdrawal symptoms. It is from this point onwards that you can become a crack addict.

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