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Binge Drinking among Young Adults: Why the Youth is at Risk

Binge Drinking among Young Adults: Why the Youth is at Risk 855 339 1112 Binge Drinking Bringe drinking is common among young adults.It puts the youth at risk. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Reasons for Binge Drinking, The Effects of Binge Drinking, Rehab is your Best Chance...

Alcohol Addiction and Abuse: Everything You Need to Know

Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the US.Binge drinking is one form of alcohol abuse that can lead to addiction.Learn more about alcohol use and abuse. CALL NOW LEARN MORE What to Know about Alcohol Addiction and Abuse What...

Alcoholism: Causes and Risk Factors

Alcoholism: Causes and Risk Factors 855 339 1112 Alcoholism: Causes and Risk Factors Alcoholism is a complex condition.A lot of risk factors play a rolein the development of alcohol addiction. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Alcoholism Causes and Risk Factors Alcoholism Causes...

Hip-Hop Culture and Substance Abuse: How Drugs are Killing the Industry

Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five- The Message, Gin & Juice- Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller-The Star Room, Lil Peep- Star Shopping, J. Cole Talks About Drug Addiction, I’m Goin In- Drake, Lil Wayne & Company, PSA-Jay Z, I Feel Like Dying- Lil Wayne, Drug...

4 Things You Should know About Inpatient & Outpatient|The House of Hope

What Are Inpatient and Outpatient Treatments? One may think of a lot of different things when one hears about drug and alcohol treatment programs. However, all of these treatment programs can be organized into two categories—inpatient or outpatient. Each type of...

UC Medical Center offering peer support in ER to those battling addiction

Undergoing drug addiction is no easy. But sometimes, what is more, difficult is seeking help in order to recover. Admitting that one is addicted is not easy and going through the process of recovery makes it more challenging. But it’s a good thing to know that help is...

UC Medical Center offering peer support in ER to those battling addiction

As the number of drug-addicted people is constantly increasing, one of the best things that they could get is support from people. Today, there have been so many ways to combat this problem and, in many cases, they have been a success. Now, a UC Medical Center...

Taiwanese singer’s drug-addiction woes

These days, it has become common to see on the news that a popular person, a singer, actor, dancer, etc. is addicted to drugs or have died from it. Getting addicted to drugs is never easy. It means a lot of suffering. But what is more difficult is getting out of it...


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