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The use of illicit drugs has cost the society roughly $193 billion USD every year. Do you know how much the habit of using cocaine can cost the user and all taxpayers?

Unfortunately, the habitual and long-term use of cocaine can be very expensive not only on the addicted user’s life. For a fact, addicts resort to any means just to have their supply of drugs and the person’s family almost always has to shoulder all the expenses of the user’s addiction.

Moreover, the user’s addiction can also have an impact on the members of society. Some of its negative effects are:

  • The Need To Increase Costs of Healthcare
  • Loss or Decrease In Productivity In Workplaces
  • Increase in Cocaine-related Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Increase in Social Welfare Costs
  • Increase in the cost of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

The Daily, Monthly and Yearly Costs of An Addiction To Cocaine

  • The costs of obtaining cocaine are said to be relatively high compared to other kinds of psychoactive drugs. The actual cost of cocaine is dependent on the area that you live in in the country, whether urban or rural, coastal or inland, and East Coast or West Coast. Cocaine typically costs $40/gram but is more expensive in the Bay Area ($65) and in New York City ($80).
  • A bump (35mg) of cocaine is sold at $3-$4.
  • An eightball (⅛ oz) of cocaine costs more at around $150-205.
  • A key of cocaine (2lbs 3.27oz or 1 kilo) ranges from $16,000 to $21,000 or more.

The chronic and frequent use is highly likely to burden everyone with other additional expenses related to cocaine, such as cocaine overdose, hospitalization, legal expenses, criminal charges or imprisonment due to possession, dealing and trafficking, loss of job, destroyed relationships, and unintentional injuries.

There are around 2.1 million regular cocaine users reported in the U.S.

The number does not account other users who are yet to admit. If your use of the drug is quickly getting out of control or if you know of someone who is currently abusing cocaine, remember that the drug will cost you more than a few thousands of dollars than what you are currently paying for out of your pocket for the use. The projected cost does not even include the possibilities of committing crimes such as stealing.

Addiction can cost anyone his life, his job, his integrity, and even his family, health and career. The best we can do is to steer clear from the use of illegal drugs. And if we have already dove deep into it, seek immediate treatment for yourself or those you love. Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by the darkness and threats of cocaine addiction.

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