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Can You Smoke Cocaine?




Cocaine has been deemed an illicit drug, which has caused the lives of thousands of individuals in the emergency rooms of hospitals. In the U.S. alone, statistics show that just in one year, over 5,000 individuals have died because of a cocaine overdose. Furthermore, there is a 42 percent increase with each year of cocaine overdose deaths than in previous years.

Yes Cocaine Can Be Smoked- Freebase

  • Also known as crack cocaine, the term freebase cocaine is often used to refer to the base form of the substance rather than the most common salt form.
  • Freebase cocaine is what is usually used when smoking cocaine.
  • Contrary to cocaine salt, the freebase cocaine features a low melting point that makes it easy to smoke.
  • Freebase cocaine is also quite insoluble in water; hence, difficult to dissolve the substance to be injected directly into the system.

Cocaine is an addictive and high-risk drug.

The drug itself is a highly potent central stimulant to the central nervous system bringing that euphoric high to its users. While the effects of cocaine are sometimes positive, such as an increase in alertness, energy, and self-confidence, the positive effects of the drug tends to be short-lived.

On an average, that euphoric high of cocaine lasts only 15 minutes. Once the euphoria wears off, the negative effects of cocaine immediately take over and it can either be moderate or intense. Most of the time, it is gravely life-threatening.

When a person smokes cocaine, the tendency is for the drug high to be achieved more quickly.

The high given by “freebase cocaine” is thus more profound than the results other administration can accomplish. Cocaine abuse is usually snorted in its powder-based form, which is the hydrochloride salt. When the drug is processed and formed into its freebase form, it can then be smoked.

Heating hydrochloride salt can actually destroy it. However, the freebase form may be volatilized at higher temperatures without destroying the actual compound. Smoking freebase cocaine can get the drug more rapidly to the brain than snorting because snorting entails cocaine to travel from blood vessels in the nose towards the heart. It then gets pumped into the lungs to be oxygenated. This oxygenated cocaine-carrying blood then travels back into the heart and is then pumped out into the different organs of the body, like the brain.

Faster To The Brain The Greater The Danger

Smoking freebase cocaine, on the contrary, can bypass this process bringing the cocaine directly into the lungs, heart, and brain. The faster the drug goes into the brain, the more it is abused. The time it takes for the drug to reach its rewarding effects can determine its likelihood of being abused.

Smoking Cocaine

Cocaine is smoked by its users because the human lungs can provide a very quick and effective pathway for the drug to go into the bloodstream. When smoke gets into the large surface area of the lungs, it can enter the brain within just 8 seconds.

Smokers then feel suddenly alerted, awake, energized, and confident immediately followed by tension in the muscles, and increased palpitations of the heart. Users also feel exhilarated because of an excess of dopamine in the body. Blood pressure also elevates causing blood vessels to constrict, a phenomenon that can then lead to heart attack, cardiac arrest, or stroke.

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