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How Long Is Cocaine In Your System?

“How long can cocaine last in my system?” This is a common question asked by numerous users who are looking to detox. Whatever your reasons for looking for this info,you have the right to know the correct information, especially if you are the one undergoing the path to sobriety. Find out everything about what cocaine can do to your body and how long it can stay in your system.

What Factors Strongly Affect Cocaine Absorption?

After 30 minutes since the last intake of cocaine, you will generally feel that its level peaks in your blood. However, there are several factors that can modify its peak level such as the dosage of cocaine taken in; the method of administrating the drug, and whether a single or multiple uses of the substance were taken.

Generally speaking, cocaine and its metabolites can stay in the system for a long time, but it can be detected even after 2 to 4 days since the last consumption. If you want to clear your system from cocaine for drug testing purposes, first you must determine which test or method will be executed.

What Are The Different Drug Tests for Cocaine?

Experts can identify cocaine addiction in many ways. The most common and easiest way of testing for cocaine is the urine test. If you are injecting the substance, traces of cocaine will appear in your urine within 20 hours after your last use. If you are snorting the substance, on the other hand, cocaine can still be detected approximately 4 to 10 hours after use.

However, there are other methods to check for cocaine consumption. These tests include samples from your blood, saliva, and hair. Each test traces cocaine presence and the amount of time since it entered your system.

Blood Test

The test involves getting a blood sample from you. It can determine cocaine in your system just a few minutes after you consumed the substance. Normally, the blood test can determine the drug for approximately six hours after your single dose or shot.

Saliva Test

The saliva test can spot cocaine instantly after you have taken it. It can determine whether you used injection, or resorted to ways like snorting or smoking. Although saliva tests produce immediate results, it can only reveal cocaine content in your system after 48 hours from your last use.

Hair Test

Long-term use of cocaine is detected through hair test. The procedure can identify cocaine after 8 hours since the last shot. Laboratories use hair test to identify long-term cocaine users because it has the ability to guarantee detection of cocaine presence up to a month from last use.

Cocaine abuse can create neurological and behavioral changes in you, including your inability to control your moods and reactions. The substance can also affect your relationship with other people around you, especially your loved ones. The good news, however, is there are treatment options available if you are seeking to change your dangerous way of living. Rehab Near Me provides a free directory to people who are looking for Detox and Rehab Centers.



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