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Methamphetamine makers do not always make use of anhydrous ammonia to make the drug, but it may be used to make what many meth users take as the purest form of the drug. Meth makers make use of anhydrous ammonia instead of red phosphorus in order to get meth from ephedrine through the chemical reaction of mixing it with lithium. The latter is often taken from battery innards. In many meth recipes, anhydrous meth is included as in the popular Nazi and shake and bake methods.

  • In order to fully understand how hazardous anhydrous ammonia could be, the National Ag Safety Database reveals that it is a hydroscopic compound in that it looks for water from a nearby source, which includes your body.
  • Your eyes, skin, and lungs are put at risk as they contain the most moisture in your body.
  • When anhydrous ammonia has dissolved into your body tissue, caustic burns may come as a result.
  • The majority of anhydrous ammonia-related deaths are due to severe damage to the lungs and throat or from getting a direct blast on one’s face.
  • When copious amounts of anhydrous ammonia are inhaled, your throat can swell shut and you could suffocate.
  • Being exposed to liquid or vapor may cause you to be blind.

Anhydrous ammonia has a low boiling point.

The chemical can freeze if it comes in contact with room temperature. With this, Anhydrous Ammonia may cause burns that can be more serious than the burns you get from dry ice. In normal air pressure and temperature, anhydrous ammonia appears as a colorless glass, but it can also be transported and used under pressure in a liquid state. All of the equipment that is used to transfer and apply the liquid form of anhydrous ammonia needs to be designed for high-pressure use in order to avoid breaks or ruptures.

Anhydrous ammonia is characterized by a certain odor.

When anhydrous ammonia is placed in fertilizer, it can have a concentration of around 1 million ppm. A short exposure to anhydrous ammonia concentrations ranging from 2,500-6,500 ppm, therefore, may lead to death. When anhydrous ammonia is opted for fertilizing crops, it may be deadly when inhaled for a long time.

Moreover, a lot of injuries occur when thieves inhale or get blasted in their face when trying to steal from pressurized tanks that cause their throats to swell then close. Getting exposed to the liquid or vapors of anhydrous ammonia may lead to severe burns as well as blindness.

Anhydrous ammonia can be stored in pressurized vessels like fire extinguishers and propane tanks for some time. However, it can also be placed in small quantities in a thermos or cooler with the shake and bake method of making meth.

Its corrosive properties may lead to the fittings on the vessels to turn blue due to being corroded. Thus, you should never opt for a propane tank with fittings that have already turned blue as it could already be weakened and an explosion is likely to occur. It would be best to visit the nearest rehab centers to protect your health.

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