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The well-known British grime star StafOne was charged with crack cocaine and heroin dealership after being caught by cops. He will stand trial this year.

  • The rapper, whose real name is Saphan Robinson, got arrested after a major police operation and now face charges due to supplying Class A drugs including the possession of cannabis.
  • Cops detained Robinson with his accomplice Jermaine Alleyne after their vehicle was stopped in Birmingham on Jan. 24.
  • The rapper, most popular for “She Wants A Man from Brum” boasts a lot of online followers with songs regularly featured on Radio One.
  • The 26-year-old also performed live on BBC’s urban music radio channel 1 Extra.

The results of crack cocaine abuse can be so severe

Crack is a very potent stimulant. It can energize your whole central nervous system and cause a lot of stress on your heart, brain, and lungs- all of which are extremely damaging. Crack is also associated with the deterioration of a healthy and balanced life.

If smoked, crack cocaine can cause the heart to beat faster and the muscles to tense up. You may also experience exhilaration due to the release of certain mood hormones. As your heart beats faster, your blood vessels will constrict which can result in an increased blood pressure. The circumstance often leads to a cardiac arrest, stroke or a heart attack.

There will often be some residue of crack left in a bag. Otherwise, there are crack pipes left at the scene of drug use that is made of glass or metal. Most crack cocaine abusers also have burnt fingers or lips due to their act of holding the pipe while it is being heated.

The effects of crack cocaine don’t have the same duration as powder cocaine so crack users may need another dose to achieve the same effect. Crack users feel the need to have more of the substance. As such, most crack users are forced to criminal acts as they may think of no other way to maintain their supply of crack due to a constant need. There are reports which revealed that a lot of women crack users resorted to prostitution while men have resorted to theft cases.

Drivers on crack may feel that they are invincible

However, crack users may lose their ability to concentrate. Thus, driving while on crack can increase your risk of getting into an accident. You could also suffer paranoia attack, mood swings, and hallucinations while on the road. The lack of concentration can lead to a loss of control of your vehicle. The 10% of the 253 fatally injured drivers in the Michigan state in a 2-year period were reported to have used cocaine, which has been detected in their blood.

Their performance at work can greatly suffer as nothing can be as interesting or as exciting to the user as doing the illicit drug. Crack users also often miss deadlines and are absent from work.If you consume crack especially when on dangerous levels, you can become over-stimulated and your body temperature will almost immediately reach dangerously high level. Eventually, this can lead to convulsions and episodes of severe hallucinations. You can feel confused or delirious and may need to be brought to a hospital. If prompt treatment is not administered, such effects can lead to death.

You can overdose on cocaine if you swallow all your supply of crack just to avoid getting arrested. Ingestion of crack, on the other hand, can also lead to serious intoxication which can be fatal if you do not get hospital care immediately.

Be cocaine-free with drug rehab programs

All substance abuse can leave a residue in your body that gets lodged in your fatty tissues. These traces are what trigger cravings. Detoxification is necessary to clear out the substance from your body and significantly lower cravings for the drug. Louisiana detox can help in this area.

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