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The use of crystal methamphetamine has been increasing at a troubling rate, particularly among MSM or men who engage in sexual relations with other men. The rate of crystal meth users in the general public is relatively lower than MSM.

  • From clinics and gay venues in the United States, the statistics reveal 6 to 16 percent.
  • The general U.S. population of crystal meth users, on the other hand, is only at 0.6 percent. The significant difference in the rates has become astounding as smoking crystal meth is linked to a number of negative consequences on health.
  • Crystal meth use has also been associated with hepatitis C and HIV.

The use of crystal methamphetamine has been associated with sexual behaviors for years.

In MSM relationships, the psychological effects of using crystal meth include a sensation of euphoria, hypersexuality, increased confidence, and peaking self-esteem. Crystal meth is said to increase the sex drive and prolong their ability of sexual encounters. Through the years, it is believed to have aphrodisiac components. According to experts, it can have a significant effect on the subjective pleasure during sexual intercourse regardless of the present state of sexual drive or libido. The illicit substance is also associated with increased need to be sexually active.

Crystal meth use is often associated with sexual behaviors like unprotected sex and being active with multiple partners.

A recorded and self-proclaimed MSM in California was previously tested positive for HIV. His use was made more evident with people around because of his intense high-risk sexual behaviors. A sample of meth users in Toronto, on the other hand, showed similar results, but was made more popular by their negligence of using condoms while being high on meth.

In the sample, several participants also admitted to rougher and more damaging sex acts while using crystal meth. For instance, the gay meth users revealed disliking condom use when smoking crystal meth and performing sexual acts with their partners. A similar study among Australian MSM revealed an increase in crystal meth use for enhancing sexual pleasure; leading to more cases of unprotected anal sex with different partners.

Moreover, an interview with 25 MSM in San Diego County tested positive for HIV. The study that involved them even revealed an 84% increase in high-risk sex among crystal meth users; mostly with people they just met.

A number of surveys among MSM also revealed that crystal meth users are more likely to carry sexually-transmittable diseases like HIV.

Among these samples, 47 to 54 percent of crystal meth users admitted to UAIC or having unprotected anal intercourse with casual sex partners. In comparison, 28 to 33 percent of non-crystal meth users admitted to UAIC.

Crystal meth users, according to several studies, were more likely to have multiple partners than non-crystal meth users and that meth users sought multiple types of venues for sex than the non-users. The use of crystal meth has also been linked to a higher attendance in bars, clubs, dance parties, and bathhouses. In these settings, more casual sex often occurs usually under meth influence.

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