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Heroin Addiction: How Does it Develop and How is it Treated?

Heroin Addiction 855 339 1112 How to Deal with Heroin Addiction Heroin is a powerful and highly addictive opioid drug that is derived from the opium poppy plant. It is a semi-synthetic opioid, meaning that it is made from morphine, which is extracted from the opium...

How to Avoid Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal   855 339 1112 How to Avoid Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol is classified as a depressant and is the most widely used substance in the world. Drinking alcohol during special occasions is normal. But when you lose control over your intake, that’s...

How to Self Detox from Alcohol

Alcohol Detox 855 339 1112 Self Detox from Alcohol People who suffer from alcoholism may want to address their alcohol use disorder (AUD) as quickly as possible so that it no longer affects the people around them. CALL NOW LEARN MORE Navigation: Alcohol Withdrawal...

Intervention for Alcoholism: How it Should be Done

How to Do Alcohol Intervention 855 339 1112 Intervention for Alcoholism The idea that intervention for alcoholism should only be a last-ditch effort is a misconception. In most cases, it is far better to get right to the point and help someone in need before they are...

How Abusing Prescription Opioids can lead to Overdose and Addiction

Prescription Opioids 855 339 1112 Abusing Prescription Opioids The opioid epidemic is a health crisis that is responsible for killing more than 46 Americans every day. While opioids have an accepted medical use, they are also highly potent substances that are prone to...

Gabapentin Addiction

What To Know About Gabapentin Addiction 855 339 1112 Gabapentin Addiction Gabapentin is ideal because it is a less addictive alternative to opioids. However, that does not mean the painkiller is not prone to being abused by some users. Gabapentin abuse and addiction...

Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Substance Abuse, Sobriety, and Self-Care

Cara Delevingne Shares Her Struggles 855 339 1112 Substance Abuse, Sobriety, and Self-Care As the April cover of Vogue, the Suicide Squad actress took the opportunity to open up about her substance use disorder: how it developed over the course of several years, and...

How Long Do You Stay in Rehab?

Stay in Rehab 855 339 1112 Length of Stay in Rehab People who want to receive addiction treatment often have several questions. The most common one is regarding the duration of treatment. People who are struggling with addiction often want to find out just how long...


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