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AI-Enabled Self-Referral System may Bridge the Accessibility Gap for Ethnic and Gender Minorities in Mental Health Treatment

In a recent observational study published in Nature Medicine, researchers assessed the impact of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered self-referral chatbot on diversity and volume of patient referrals in gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. They found that as...

What Are the Signs of an Active Drug Addiction?

Navigation: What is Drug Addiction?, Changes in Behavior, Neglecting Responsibilities, Physical Changes, Withdrawal Symptoms, Financial Problems, Changes in Social Circle, Seeking Help for Drug Addiction, Treatment Options for Drug Addiction There are many reasons why...

Study Reveals Extent of Mental Health Challenges for Tansgender and Non-binary Patients in England

In a recent study published in The Lancet Public Health, researchers assessed gender-related disparities in self-documented mental health disorders and support in England. Non-binary, gender-diverse, and transgender individuals encounter prejudice and healthcare...

What is Addiction Treatment in Prison Like?

Navigation: Assessment and Screening, Counseling and Therapy, Education Programs, Peer Support Groups, Challenges in Implementing Addiction Treatment in Prisons, The Impact of Addiction Treatment in Prisons, Conclusion Addiction and crime have a complex relationship....

Telehealth Availability for Mental Health Care Varies Significantly based on Geography

Telehealth availability for mental health care varies significantly across states — from less than half of treatment facilities contacted in states like Mississippi and South Carolina to every facility contacted in states like Maine and Oregon, according to a...

How Does Substance Abuse Impact the Community?

Navigation: The Social Consequences of Substance Abuse, Increased Crime Rates, Strained Relationships, Stigma and Discrimination, The Economic Impact of Substance Abuse, Healthcare Costs, Lost Productivity, Burden on Social Services, The Importance of Community...

What Are the Services and Amenities in Luxury Drug Rehab?

Navigation: What Are the Services and Amenities in Luxury Drug Rehab?, High-End Accommodations in Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers, Gourmet Dining, Spa and Wellness Services, Recreational Activities, Alternative Therapies in Luxury Rehab, Individualized Treatment...

Structured, Telephone-based Psychological Care can Help Prevent Depression and Loneliness

Depression and loneliness can be prevented using structured, telephone-based psychological care, delivered over eight weeks, according to new research. The study, led by a team based at the University of York and Hull York Medical School and at Tees, Esk and Wear...


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