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A new drug has been created to improve job performance. It is the most commonly prescribed drug for patients diagnosed with ADHD and is now used by college and university students in the United States to stimulate brain neurons to bring studying habit to another level.

  • Students nationwide have been getting this controlled substance to increase awareness and accomplish their assignments well into the night.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 1 in 5 students admit using Adderall, also called the “study drug” even without being diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.
  • Despite the fact that this drug is widely known and gaining more and more acceptance among university students, the dangers that come with it may not be as widely known.

Adderall is an amphetamine.

Although Adderall does not contain the methyl group found in meth, it still has the many dangers of the hard drug. Many students obtain Adderall pills using self-made prescriptions or using prescriptions they get from their friends.

It can lead to harmful bodily reactions, even death.

For example, Adderall can cause your heart rate to increase and if you have an unknown heart condition, your heart can overwork and eventually shut down. Being an amphetamine by nature can also cause Adderall users to develop an addiction.

Students have become pressured to finish assignments on a set time and many are also involved in extracurricular activities. As these students attempt to do so much in a day, they may be driven to take Adderall to increase their performance. Many students who do not medicate with Adderall tend to feel disadvantaged.

However, a number of medical professionals reveal that the opposite is true. Those who do not opt to use drugs are able to develop certain methods in life as opposed to those who are dependent on drugs, which can lead to more dangers like the addiction.

On the streets, crystal meth is recognized as one of the hardest drugs. The Narconon International recently released a video explaining the dangers brought about by crystal meth. Your body is able to develop an adaptation to the food that you consume but as you gradually turn away from food due to drugs, many negative reactions are expected to occur.

Meth can be crafted in illicit laboratories as small as 20 ounces or more in organized laboratories. The ingredients used to make meth should not go inside the body as they can be found at your local grocery store. Both crystal meth and Adderall are dangerous and extremely addictive.

If you opt to use Adderall without getting prescribed for it, you can experience a lot of adverse effects that make it a risk not worth taking. Visit a drug rehab center in Delaware for more info,

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