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Is Adderall like Methamphetamine?




In a highly competitive, work obsessed world, a new drug is being used for better job performance. Adderall, the drug most commonly prescribed for people with AD(H)D, is now being used in colleges and universities around the country as a study stimulant. Student nationwide are obtaining the controlled substance illegally and using it to increase their awareness in order to push through their assignments late at night. Though the wide use of Adderall for this purpose is commonly known and even accepted among college students, the dangers involved with the drug are not as widely known.

The study was completed at West Virginia University by a doctor at the WELLWVU facility. Students would come in to the facility with issues focusing and studying. They believed they had ADD or ADHD and needed Adderall. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five students admitted to using Adderall, now known as the “study drug”, without having a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

Adderall is an amphetamine and shares characteristics with its derivative, methamphetamine. Though Adderall is missing the methyl group that is in meth, it shares many of the dangers with the hard drug. Students obtain the pills through prescriptions of their own, or through friends who have a script. Without medical issues being known, taking Adderall can cause a reaction in the body, even causing death. For instance, because Adderall increases the heart rate, an unknown heart condition could overwork the vital organ and cause it to shut down. As the drug is an amphetamine, one use can lead to addiction – in most cases students do not have isolated incidents of Adderall use.

During finals week, social media outlets, such as Twitter, have recorded over 213,000 tweets referencing the use of Adderall. Students are pressed to complete assignments on-time and some of them are involved in other extracurricular activities. As college students try to get in as much as they can in one day, they might be driven toward the medication as it is known to increase performance. Students who don’t use Adderall to perform feel that they are at a disadvantage; however, medical professionals feel that the opposite is true. A student who doesn’t use drugs to get things done will develop methods that will help them in the long run and throughout life, while those who do take drugs will be dependent on the drug (which leads to addiction and more dangers).

Properties of Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine is a derivative from amphetamines. Early use dates back to the World War II era. Pilots were going extended periods without rest and would need a stimulant to keep them alert for lengthy missions. Amphetamines in the form of Pervitin, were given to the pilots.

Crystal meth is one of the hardest drugs known on the street. A recent video released by Narconon International explains the dangers of crystal meth. Over time, the body developed a specific adaptation to the foods it is able to absorb and use. The further away a person goes from those foods, the more of a negative reaction the body will have. Methamphetamine is cooked in laboratories ranging from as small as a 20-ounce bottle of soda to an organized laboratory often depicted in Hollywood movies. The chemicals needed to make meth are as far away from what is supposed to go into the body as possible. The items are found in every local grocery store. Red phosphorus (usually found on the sides of match books), drain cleaner, battery acid, lantern fuel, and anti-freeze are but some of the chemicals used. Both amphetamines hold dangers and are very addictive. Taking Adderall without a prescription may have unknown effects on the body. It is not worth the risk.

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