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Our society has continuously been battling with the issue of addiction for many decades. Every day, more and more people fall into the trap of addiction. Due to this, there have been plenty of efforts to reach out and help these people to greatly reduce if not completely eradicate the number of addicts in the society. Everyone is looking up to authorities in the government to implement a better way to counter addiction. It is then unfortunate that there continuous to be a lack of concrete solutions and assistance and that only continuous rhetoric is being heard by the public.

As the old adage goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Truly this is applicable in our situation today. Yet, research, speeches, and studies have become monotonous. It often reaches a point when speeches about continuous studies on addiction fail to have the same breadth from before. Many of the researches and studies being conducted today are only going over and over into aspects already reviewed in the past. Hence, the results are just the same. If anything, there is only been a waste of resources both time and money.

Truth is, there is already a lot to know about addiction.

Repeating the same studies would not necessarily provide any momentum to go forward. We already know much of the functions, the causes, and the intricacies addiction brings. There won’t necessarily be any new or else useful information that could be uncovered by further research.

Instead, now is the time to act and help out those who are struggling in overcoming addiction. Those who are struggling with alcohol and drugs are in dire need of treatment and providing widely-known info will do nothing for them.

Several parts of our government have already touched upon addiction over the years. Yet, all there really is to be seen and heard are fancy speeches and duplicate research that do nothing to reduce the numbers of addicted individuals. For instance, the current administration of Donald Trump has not even formulated a detailed plan for addressing the opioid crisis.

The way they discuss and handle the situation lies only in their plan of creating the so-called Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. The said commission is expected to create a report to gain federal funding methods. Once again, this is nothing but duplicate work and rhetoric. It does not necessarily address the issue directly.

We are going to need resources for struggling addicts to overcome addiction treatments.

They also need to gain a much-improved access to treatment facilities, which may be done by further funding state drug rehab centers and also expanding such centers because apparently, these facilities are still extremely overcrowded.

In addition, there should be further implementation of the Naloxone to save lives from an overdose. There should also be a shift of viewpoint as well as operating basis to get these people directly into treatment and not on punishment or even imprisonment which does nothing to help these individuals overcome their addiction.

For individuals who witness the struggle of their loved ones who have become addicted to drugs and or alcohol, there should be assistance and awareness programs on how they could get a person successfully into rehab.

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