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After the decision to return to their normal lives and choose the pathway to recovery through drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers, it is common for recovering addicts to choose drug rehab counseling as their career after addiction. It is because they know firsthand how it feels like to be an addict; they have experienced how easy it is for anyone to develop an addiction and how hard it is to combat the problem. However, in most cases, the recovering addict would still need to get the required education and certification to be allowed to counsel other addicts.

Is it really good for addicts to become rehab counselors or not? Let us weigh the Pros and Cons of choosing this career.

The Pros Of Becoming A Drug Rehab Counselor

  • First off, you know how it feels like to be addicted to a substance.
  • You know all forms of manipulations that are common in patients who think that trying just once isn’t a big of a deal. You know it because you were that person once.
  • You also know what they will be going through or are going through in their struggle against addiction.
  • You know how they can overcome because you have overcome.
  • Your life found meaning and purpose once again, you are a living testimony. This is essential for recovering addicts who feel stumped after completing treatment as to what to do now with their newfound lives.

Another bonus is the education you are required to get prior to working in a rehab facility. A certification, after, will also only take a few years to acquire. Moreover, the classes you take can also help you stay dedicated on your own recovery.

The Cons Of Becoming A Drug Rehab Counselor

It may not always be the best option for recovering addicts to be spending so much time with active addicts, especially in their first years. There are even cases where long-time addicts who have fully recovered and already chose the pathway to drug counseling were influenced by their own patients into a relapse. Some even go as far as stealing the prescription meds of patients when they feel the temptation to get high.

Recovering patients are not always known for being sensitive towards others’ feelings. You know that part of the process of treatment is taking responsibility for your own actions, following the rules even when they seem unreasonable and treating everyone with respect even when you’re having a bad day. More often than not, drug rehab counselors get abused when patients are having a tough time during recovery and this may be very difficult to take.

If you’re still contemplating on becoming a drug addiction counselor, remember that the choice is yours. Your suitability to this kind of job is largely dependent on you, your personality, and the long-term goals you have made for yourself. Your ability to make sobriety your highest priority is extremely important even when your job is already getting stressful because no matter which career path you choose after treatment, there will always be stressful times. The choice to remain sober is yours.



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