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Recently, there have been so many ways that people and different organizations try to organize for the purpose of solving the problem in drugs. Addiction has been a long-time problem that has already destroyed so many lives. It has also affected families and the society as while with so many crimes happening as a result of drug addiction. One of the ways that people show support to end the problem is through rallies.

The Wilkesboro Commons on Main Street was filled with people Saturday night for the second annual Recovery Rally, sponsored by Wilkes Recovery Revolution. The goal of the event was to educate the public on drug addiction and provide information about how to begin recovery from this disease.

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“We are tickled to death” with the community’s interest in the rally, which began at 5:30 and ended with a candlelight vigil at 9:30 p.m., said Devin Lyall, director of Recovery Revolution and one of the organization’s founders. “There was definitely a lot more people at the event” than at last year’s rally at the Yadkin Valley Marketplace in North Wilkesboro.

The band, “Leed Not Follow” performed, as did dancers from Studio 66. Other musicians performing included G.W. Stacy, Will Hoffman, Brandon Burgess and Rickey Plumley.

Phillip Boyd, a youth pastor from Stony Hill Baptist Church, spoke to the crowd.

The featured speaker for the evening was Asheville’s Phillip Cooper. A number of people from Asheville also made the two-hour trip to hear him speak. “People really listened” to Boyd and Cooper, Lyall said.

In addition, recovering people from Wilkes County told the crowd about their journeys from active addiction to recovery.

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