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We know that there is a global problem with drug addiction. But still, whenever we hear of abuse which results from drug use, we still can’t help but to feel bad about it as this problem seems to be getting worse. Drugs can influence people in worst ways possible. The users are of course greatly affected as they are destroying their body and mind. But what is more saddening is when someone innocent is affected because of these users who let themselves be controlled by drugs.

Just like this mom from Anderson who abused her twin toddler and this is all because of drugs. Problems like such should be enough reason for more addiction treatment centers to be available so people can easily seek help. Those who use drugs need to realize how bad drug is and immediately quit and live a new and better life.

ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) — An Anderson mother is in jail facing charges of battery and neglect after she allegedly abused her twin toddlers.

The children are in foster care. However, their mother, Melody Hines, was granted access to take them for a visit last week on the Fourth of July.

Police now accuse Hines of kicking her twins, scratching their faces and slamming them on the floor.

When the children’s foster mother came to pick them up, she noticed their cuts and bruises and took them to the hospital.

In an interview, the toddlers described their mom as being “angry and mean” over the holiday…

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