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What Do Opiates Do?




Before you go on with this list, please know that the intention of this article is never to judge anyone, but bring awareness about what is affected once addiction takes over the body. If you’re currently battling addiction or know someone who might be battling the epidemic, it is always best to seek the help of a professional.

  • Your body will begin to tolerate the addictive substance as you continue to make use of the drug.
  • As time passes, it will become harder to feel satisfied and achieve the initial “high.”
  • Taking more of the substance will not necessarily bring you closer to that feeling but may even pull you farther.
  • It can lead to depression and anxiety that will be evident in your next dose.

Work/School Will Suffer A Lot

If you choose to take opiates and painkillers, it will surely have negative effects on your system’s logical thought processes. Unfortunately, it may also affect how you perform in school or at work. When you use painkillers, you can experience a rush of energy making it seem like you have focus. On the contrary, it is inhibition. It will slowly take its toll on your performance and you will no longer be half as productive as when you were sober.

Memories Will Start To Fade

A lot of those who are trying to overcome addiction reveal that they experience sort of a short-term memory loss. This has also been confirmed by many studies proving that opiates can negatively affect the cognitive and executive functions of the brain. There are even cases wherein people forget what transpired the night before. In several circumstances, opiate addicts forget bits of good memories.

People Around Begin To Feel Concerned

It is no secret that children can feel whatever is wrong at home, especially with those that directly influence them. They usually react to this negative energy and become more sensitive to mood swings and exciting moments. They know when you are feeling depressed. Without a doubt, it can take its toll on parenting as even the smallest of can be hard to deal with under the influence of opiates.

Addiction can also push relationships to the far back. Friends may ask for more time as the time you spend with them is affected. You may not even care as much for their feelings as you have done before. Unfortunately, opiate abuse has the ability to turn anyone into an emotionally absent individual.

You Will Lose Passion In Things You Used To Love

You may love gardening, read novels, spend time with friends, painting or any pleasurable thing but all these may be lost. This is possible because your priority can shift to how to acquire and take opiates. Everything else has to take the back seat.

Mood Swings Start To Become Noticeable

Opiates can alter the neurotransmitters controlling the brain’s mood centers, which are dopamine and serotonin. Taking a pill may temporarily stimulate feelings of euphoria but later backfire and turn into depression, frustration, and anxiety. With all the sudden mood swings you become unpleasant to be with. Drugs can mess with your mind and quickly make a loner out of you in no time.

Good news is many opiate users find freedom from addiction. It needs self-determination, willingness, and control on your part. You need proper assessment, effective treatment, support and most importantly, seek the help of a medical professional. All these will help you find the best detox option available to you.

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