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Non-alcoholic Cocktails: Should Alcoholics Indulge?




This is an important topic that sparks debate among alcoholics and those who are trying to recover from alcoholism. Society is actually having mixed reactions to this; can recovering alcoholics have it?

  • Non-alcoholic beer, sometimes called low alcohol beer, low beer, NA beer, small beer or near beer contrary to what it suggests, actually contains alcohol.
  • In order to be considered a “non-alcoholic” drink, these kinds of beers need to go below 0.5% alcohol per volume.
  • The process of making non-alcoholic beer starts with real alcohol that is filtered or boiled in the brewing process.
  • In many states in the United Stated, the sale of non-alcoholic beer has been permitted for minors.

In terms of psychological effects, there are those that believe that non-alcoholic beer is able to dangerously ignite a placebo effect and make you feel as you though you are truly drunk. Because of this, it really is possible to bring back old habits and desires by drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Research tells us that a lot of 12-step programs are against the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks.

These kinds of therapies reveal that it is actually a slippery slope, while further noting that the mere presence of something like alcohol may be enough for the mind to crave alcohol once more. In an instant, it can cause a relapse. There are those that also suggest that the act of pretending that what you are drinking is alcohol is like romanticizing what you have, which can really be dangerous.

Romanticizing can lead a recovering alcoholic to remember moments when alcohol seemed to work and they are reminded of the good times of getting drunk. Most likely, alcoholics drink non-alcoholic beers to reminisce the good old days and this is what romanticizing drinks allow. If you just put your determination in building a good life far from the presence of anything that contains alcohol, eventually you will know that you do not actually need these pretend beers.

Fake beer containing a bit of alcohol is possibly dangerous

However, there are opinions that contradict this idea. According to some, an occasional non-alcoholic beer and even cocktails would not do any harm to the recovering alcoholic.

It may not be satisfying to reach out for a glass of sparkling water and drinking it from a wine glass, but adding a lime can do the trick. To people who are in the early days of sobriety, this kind of drink may be a necessity.

The decision to drink non-alcoholic cocktails is really a personal choice; you already know what is at stake. While non-alcoholic beer may be one of the ways for you to not feel out of place when out with friends for a dinner, at a social gathering or unwinding after a long day at work, you should never attempt to binge drink. Don’t get yourself trashed for real.

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