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The United States’ beer industry’s grandest surprise hit of the year is not even qualified as a beer. Root beers are the relatively new boozy spin on the popular sassafras-flavored soda you have from your childhood that has been racked up by $7.2 million USD in sales just in the first half of 2015. The number would rank up this new beverage amongst the U.S.’ 30 highest-selling craft beers today.

Root beer is no longer just for soda pop lovers and kids anymore. The alcoholic version of your childhood fave has been taking the country by storm with countless of bottles of alcoholic root beer being sold here and there quickly.

But, what really is this so-called alcoholic root beer?

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people that alcoholic root beer is not the regular root beer soda combined with alcohol. Actually, alcoholic root beer is more closely related to the craft beer that you know about.

At first, the bottled drink comes with the same taste as that of spices and has all markings that can be found in a good indie upstart. But, you should not be fooled by the bottle’s old-time illustrations and the words written on the label: “Small town brewery.” The truth is that this high-octane adult fuel for ice cream floats has quite a significant backing mainstream.

The Brewing Process of Alcoholic Root Beer

The majority of the variations of alcoholic root beer have been taken as malt beverages or malternatives. Previously, these so-called malternatives got quite a bad rap particularly from those who took interest in craft beers. Such drinks have been brewed using malted grain and similar to that of beer from the start. This is also the reason why a lot of alcoholic root beers do contain alcohol with the similar alcoholic content as that of beer.

After this beer-brewing process, the flavors will be added into the concoction in order to achieve a desirable taste. As for alcoholic root beer, the flavors of root beer are added into the flavorless beer; flavors like sarsaparilla and or Madagascar vanilla are popular.

  • Historians suggest that the first versions of the root beer we know today started out as a small beer beverage.
  • It could be that the drink was brewed from berries, bark, and herbs.
  • In medieval Europe, small beer was made popular in places where there were rampant issues with water pollution and that the tendency was for people to get sick because of the water.
  • Brewed drinks such as tea and beer were most likely considered as healthier options for water.
  • After several centuries, pharmacists attempted to develop a miracle drug to cure the ailments of people in the late 19th century. Among these attempts are the popular carbonated beverages that we have today.

A lot of historians agree that alcoholic root beer was actually made by accident. A pharmacist was said to have experimented with various herbs, roots, berries, and bark that resulted in small beer recipes. The concoction was supposed to be made into a brew that would cure a lot of illnesses.

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