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Aside from drugs, another addiction that is considered to be a major problem in many countries is alcohol. This is because of the fact that it is often the root of many deaths and crimes. For instance, so many people have been in a car accident because they were under the influence of alcohol. There are also a lot of people who ended up doing illegal acts because of alcohol addiction. This is why there is a strict regulation when it comes to the consumption of alcohol, especially in the hi-way.

Driving while drinking is a common case. In spite of the danger of doing so, still, so many drivers ignore it and choose to put their lives and that of others at risk. Good thing that there is now a device that not start the engine of the car when the driver is above the alcohol limit. This is a great initiative to make sure that in case one still needs to drive even when under the influence of alcohol, he can still manage to do so because it’s only in moderate amount.

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Durham Police will pilot the scheme to fit alcohol “interlocks”, which mean the vehicle will be immobilised if the driver is over the limit.

The devices are already commonplace in the US and Denmark, and are being offered to offenders on a voluntary basis.

They will also be offered free of charge to anyone in the force area who wants one as part of a bid by police to cut the number of road accidents.

Detective Inspector Andy Crowe, leading the initiative, said: “This really is an innovative project which is a first for the UK and will hopefully help us identify and deal with potential drink drivers before they even get behind the wheel.

“A number of offenders in our area have a problematic relationship with alcohol and we hope, as part of a wider programme, this will help them address their issues.”

The pilot is being run as part of the force’s Checkpoint programme, which aims to cut crime by focusing on offenders’ behaviour.

The force said elsewhere in the world these devices can be fitted as part of a drink-driver’s sentence by the courts.

Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg said: “The misuse of alcohol puts a massive strain on our emergency services and the financial burden alone is estimated to be in the region of £11 billion, not to mention the potentially devastating consequences for the families of those killed or injured in road traffic accidents caused by alcohol…

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