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In this present time, we can see more mothers getting addicted to drugs. What makes this situation extra difficult is the fact that there are children and a family that gets affected. Drug addiction can harm a person and others in so many ways, not to mention the health consequences that one has to go through. But above it all, what is more important is when one decides to change for the better. This what happened to a mom who finally was able to free herself from the grip of addiction.

It is Christmas Eve four years ago and a baby is coming into this world with a mother who some would condemn as so awful that her tiny girl should be immediately taken away. Mom’s record includes a long string of narcotics arrests, six children by multiple fathers, tattoos that would make a Marine blush and a methamphetamine habit that started when Mom was 18 years old.

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“But baby Jade should stay with Mom, her case worker firmly believes. In her bones, Los Angeles County social worker LaVonda Scott is convinced that this very special night marks a turning point.

But it’s not all about hope and faith.

Armed with a master’s degree in social work and 15 years experience, Scott believes Mom has finally gotten control of her demons.

Flash forward to last week, the day after Thanksgiving. Jade, now just a few weeks shy of four, climbs up on a couch in a low-income housing project in Anaheim. Lola, a chihuahua and Jack Russell mix, skitters across the the floor, leaps up and settles next to the little girl.”

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