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What Is In Methamphetamine?




Methamphetamine aka “meth” is a very powerful, highly addictive stimulant of the psychomotor aspect. Most of the available meth off the streets is being manufactured in secret laboratories found in house kitchens, basements, sheds or bathrooms because the ingredients that make up meth are actually inexpensive.

The process of cooking meth can actually be easy to do.

As such, even uneducated drug dealers are able to make the drug sans any particular training. However, makers of meth put themselves at great risk as toxic fumes can fill the whole room and fires and explosions may come as a result of what they are doing.

  • The end result of the methamphetamine making process is the white, bitter-tasting, odorless crystalline powder that can be dissolved in liquid very easily.
  • Another form of methamphetamine is known as “ice” or “crystal meth” available as a large chunky crystal with an appearance of rock candy or ice chunks
  • Powder meth can be swallowed, snorted, or injected as well while the crystal meth can be smoked using a glass pipe as you would crack cocaine.

Meth user can experience the effects of the drug through unconventional ways like snorting, smoking or injecting.

The user gets to experience the intense rush of pleasure as well as excitement which can last 15-30 minutes. After that, the other effects of the drug continue from 6-12 hours. At this point, the meth user will experience either being nervous or agitated. When the rush starts to wear off, the meth user will find himself in the tweaking stage.

Tweakers reportedly experience delusions, paranoia, the tendency to be violent, as well as making compulsive behaviors. Furthermore, many avoid crashing after meth use by prolonging their use of meth until they would run out of the drug or money to buy the drug and collapse. The binge and crash cycle is more commonly referred to as a “run.”

Methamphetamine comes from the drug amphetamine.

Originally used in Japan in the year 1919, methamphetamine and amphetamine were useful in bronchial inhalers and nasal decongestants. The drug is classified under Schedule II stimulant as it creates a high risk for abuse. Also, methamphetamine is legally available with a prescription that cannot be refilled. In the medical industry, a few acceptable reasons include use for the treatment of diseases like attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. Short-term users take meth to treat obesity; however, its medical uses are really limited.

What’s the Difference Between Meth Addicts and ADHD Drug Abusers?

Doctors may prescribe the use of methamphetamine for patients diagnosed with ADHD. There are also a number of other medications used to treat ADHD like Adderall and Ritalin, both of which have similarities with the chemical components of meth. However, serious problems can come as a result of using these kinds of substances with patients being diagnosed a condition known as the stimulant use disorder. Also, according to a study published in “Addictive Behaviors” in May 2014, those who abuse meth typically differ from patients who abuse stimulants for ADHD.

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