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Until you experience it, you will really never know the pain of losing someone you love. Although death is something that each one of us has to face, it still pains so much when we lose someone because of things that could have actually been controlled or avoided. This is the case of drug addiction. So many lives have been lost because of these dangerous substances. But, if only the person did not let himself try drugs, things could have different. Drugs have stolen so many lives from families and households.

In Texas, a local mother is hosting an event that aims to bring awareness to a drug overdose. This mother lost her son drugs as well and she knows very well how painful it is. By raising awareness, she can help other parents to guide their children better and children to never try drugs. Awareness like this together with addiction treatment programs are some ways for addicted individuals to change and quit this danger.

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) – A local mother is hosting an event that’s bringing awareness to a drug overdose. Two years ago, Marina Morales lost her son Miguel Lozoya to a drug overdose.

As a way to make the grieving process easier, she’s decided to shed a light on the problem through her 2nd annual overdose awareness day in memory of her son.

Marina hopes the community will come out and learn about ways to prevent drug overdose.

She believes it’s a tragedy that should unite the community and hopes through this event we can see a positive change.

Overdose Awareness Day will be on Friday, August 31st at Rock Fitness Center from 6 to 8 pm.

There will be informational booths, music, Zumba, giveaways, and a candlelight vigil.

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