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The current, most effective drug treatments that are implemented today for meth addiction or abuse is based on behavioral and cognitive interventions. It is highly recommended that you work with a trained psychotherapist specializing in drug addiction to recover from meth-related problems.

  • If, for years, all you have known is that methamphetamine is exclusively used as a recreational drug sold illicitly off the streets then it may shock you that meth is actually being prescribed by medical professionals.
  • In limited conditions like ADHD and a shift work sleep disorder, methamphetamine is actually a legal prescription drug.
  • Drug overdose is common not only among recreational meth users who borrow their friend’s prescription.
  • Drug overdose also happens in those who exceed the prescribed dosage or prolong their drug use.

If you have problems with meth abuse, you may have to visit the nearest detox center to get medical attention from trained staff.

A medical professional should assess you. With the data collected, they will work out the proper treatment for your methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms. Most of the time, the effects involve both psychological and physical aspects.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the essence of feelings and thoughts as major components of your behaviors.

The cognitive behavioral therapy is not associated with external factors like situations, events, and people. The primary goal is to assist you in changing your behaviors, the way you think, as well as increase your skills in coping with stress.

Matrix Model includes more intensive therapy both individually and by a group.

The therapy aims to promote behavioral changes that are necessary to avoid relapse> The drug is also used to promote abstinence and a drug-free lifestyle. The entire intervention may include altering your work and living environment, the people you associate with, and in some cases, your profession.

Motivational Incentives for Enhancing Drug Abuse Recovery (MIEDAR) is incentive-based to promote meth abstinence.

It has been proven to be effective among methamphetamine abusers through the National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network.

Meth overdose does not require taking in copious amounts of meth.

You can actually overdose on meth simply by using the drug for a prolonged period of time. Other cases of meth overdose include purchasing the drug from someone who mislabels the drug or mixes it up with other drugs and intentionally combining methamphetamine with other addictive substances like alcohol and other stimulants. Other overdose cases involve other health issues, while on methamphetamine. The combination definitely increases the chances of a meth overdose that may instantly affect cardiovascular and nervous systems. When you take in more than you can handle and intentionally using the substance multiple times a day are also common stories of overdose cases.

If you think you have overdosed on meth, immediately call 911.

An emergency case includes a suspected drug overdose. When you are dealing with high blood pressure, changes in your breathing, increased heart rate, and have become more easily angered, you should consider seeking help now.

Take caution in attempting to mix meth with other addictive substances including alcohol, depressant drugs, and sedatives as these do not reverse an overdose. Instead, these can make your situation more dangerous. Remember, there is no pharmaceutical antidote available for overdose. Immediately, seek professional medical attention for treatment.

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