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The duration of stay of cocaine in the hair strands is around 2-4 days. However, it depends on how much water the user has taken in from the day he took cocaine to the drug test day.  

  • The cocaine in the system can be flushed out by means of drinking water because cocaine is a water-soluble substance.
  • The body fluids that are present in the body can be flushed out; including the cocaine.
  • Cocaine’s length of stay depends on how long the addiction has been taking place, the specific method of administration, and how much of it is taken each use.

Generally, cocaine can be detected in the system 12 hours to 4 days after use.

The liver metabolizes the ingested cocaine and turns it into benzoylecgonine, which can then be excreted through urination.

Cocaine has been considered a highly addictive drug that has the ability to give-off short and long-term effects. The substance can bring a person the “high” because of its addictive properties that can be taken through smoking it, snorting it, or injecting it. While cocaine itself could not stay long in your system, its residues may linger longer in some areas of the body.

As a fat-soluble drug, cocaine has a high rate of absorption in most areas of the body.

As stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine easily crosses surfaces of the cell membrane once it is ingested. After doing so, it can gain access to the brain, the airways and alveoli in the lungs, and the bloodstream. Cocaine also has the ability to accumulate in certain areas of the body like the central nervous system and the fat tissues. As an effect, it brings considerable influence on how the body metabolizes the substance itself.

Cocaine is considered has been considered an illegal drug, although the quality or purity of it differs from one batch to another.

There are those that are in a purer state, while some batches have a less pure quality. The differences in purity will have an effect on how long it takes the cocaine to stay in the system. For people who use cocaine on a regular basis, for instance, a month or years, have most likely stored the residue in their bodies. There are also a few other factors that have to be taken into consideration like your overall health, age, the body’s metabolism rate, and the person’s tolerance levels.

If the cocaine is ingested, the substance may reach the bloodstream within 30 minutes.

Its effects to the user may also surface around 50 to 90 minutes. If the substance is snorted, it will reach the bloodstream within 3 minutes and will give an effect to the user in around 15 minutes. If it is injected into the bloodstream, on the other hand, the substance will reach the bloodstream not less than a minute, and will give an effect to the user in around 5 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the lipid-like material of cocaine allows for having a half-life of 60 minutes. The half-life and how long the cocaine stays in the body will increase considerably depending on how long you have used the substance.

Cocaine presence can also be tested through checking the user’s sweat and saliva, but these methods are not usually conducted.

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