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If you are struggling with addiction and you want to get better, one of the questions you will find yourself asking is: “how long will it take to get sober again?”

To be honest, the answer is not that simple. Many would agree that recovery is a lifelong process, and people don’t truly get over their addiction. But don’t lose hope. Getting over your addiction may take a very long time, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never be sober again.

In fact, the moment you start receiving treatment, you’ll begin your journey towards sobriety. Behavioral therapy and medical detox will help you get over the effects of addiction. You will begin to feel better in general.

Rehab can get you sober again—but maintaining sobriety is the difficult part. This is the one that takes a lifetime. Because once you have completed the treatment program, you will begin to face the challenges on your own. You will then have to use the techniques you learned in behavioral therapy to keep those temptations and cravings at bay.

At the end of the day, only you can tell when you’ve truly gotten over your addiction.

The Importance of Rehabilitation

get over Addiction

So if addiction is a battle you must face alone, what’s the point of rehab? Sure, you have to fight for sobriety with your own willpower, but you need to recover from addiction first.  The people around you can give you their support.

Medical professionals are trained to help you fight the effects of addiction safely. If you are a long time user of a certain drug, there’s a possibility that you’re already physically dependent. Quitting at this point will be very dangerous because withdrawal is sometimes fatal.

Through medical detox, your intake will gradually be lowered, while these withdrawal symptoms are managed.

How long will it take to get Sober Again?

The duration of addiction treatment varies from person to person. It depends on your condition, among other important factors. For example, the type of drug that was abused, as well as the length of time it was taken will affect your body’s rate of recovery. The adverse effects you are experiencing, both physical and mental, will each have to be addressed. So if your body has sustained significant damage, you should expect it to take some time to heal.

During rehab, these physical effects will be reversed. That means your age, body weight, metabolism, and general health condition will also factor into your recovery.

Inpatient treatment may involve staying in the treatment facility for months—sometimes even a year. Outpatient treatment is less focused, but it lets you have a more flexible schedule in between sessions. It is only recommended for those with less severe conditions though.

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Meanwhile, behavioral therapy will help you cope with your cravings. This should prevent relapse, even when the treatment process is already over.

You should expect this whole ordeal to be challenging. After all, changing a habit is difficult—let alone fixing addictive behavior. Your own brain will keep you from pursuing these changes actively, because drugs have affected your reward center. But just remember that pursuing sobriety will be worth it in the long run.

And once you’ve gotten sober, the real battle begins: staying sober. This is the part that takes years—even entire lifetimes. Look for an addiction treatment center near you today and get started on this journey.


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