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Alcohol abuse is a widespread problem in the United States and the rest of the world. It can be compared to an epidemic. In fact, more than half of Americans admit to drinking frequently. This is according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The reason for this is the availability and legality of alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol is everywhere. Anyone in the right age can buy and consume it. However, not many people know exactly what they are taking every time they drink a single serving of an alcoholic beverage. Not many of them care at all.

This makes it difficult to anticipate the problems that come with excessive drinking. It can even be difficult to tell whether someone is abusing alcohol at all. It’s hard to tell when binge drinking becomes alcohol abuse. Before you know it, you’re already addicted.

A standard drink, according to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, is about 5 ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor.

If someone drinks more than four drinks on any day, or more than 14 per week, they are considered heavy drinkers. They are considered “at risk” of alcohol addiction.

Even those who only drink one day per month—if they drink heavily on that given day—can still be classified as someone who has alcohol abuse issues. The more frequently you drink, the higher the chance of becoming addicted.

It may be legal, but consuming too much alcohol brings significant health risks. Alcoholics may experience physical and mental health problems just because of their lack of self-control.

In order to prevent alcohol addiction, it is important to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse. And if you or someone you love is drinking too much, it is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Look for the nearest alcohol treatment center in your area and find out what programs they offer—before it’s too late.

Why Should You Seek Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction?

Alcoholism is considered a disease. And it’s a serious one too. It can ruin a person’s life. It affects multiple aspects of the person’s life including their health, their relationships, and their career. It is similar to just about every other kind of addiction there is. The fact that alcohol is legal doesn’t make it any better than illicit drugs.

In some of the worst cases, alcohol addiction has led to brain damage, organ failure, nerve damage, depression, and suicide.

Not to mention the fact that drinking excessively can get people into alcohol-related accidents. They could get into a traffic accident that may lead to serious injuries and even death. Heavy drinking can end a person’s life before they even get addicted to alcohol.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, you need to seek help from medical professionals. It is important to look for an alcohol treatment center of any kind, just so you could take that necessary first step. Later on we will be talking about luxury alcohol rehab and executive alcohol rehab, but first let’s discuss why treatment is necessary.

An alcohol addiction treatment center creates a safe and comfortable setting wherein a person’s treatment can be supervised by trained professionals. The process of detox is long and difficult, and it should not be done alone. Detox should be done within a full treatment program in order to be truly effective.

The alcoholic must overcome all their issues that caused them to abuse alcohol in the first place.

Remember that drinking small amounts of alcohol for a “healthier heart” is not an excuse to abuse alcoholic beverages. It’s not an excuse to drink every day. You’ll save yourself from a whole lot of trouble by just saying no to the drink.

Accidents and health problems aren’t the only risks here. We’re not just concerned about the fatal car accidents, the burns, the drowning, and the other unfortunate events that may happen under the influence of alcohol. We’re not just talking about the liver disease, the cancer, and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. We’re talking about the depression, the suicidal ideation, the homicidal impulses, and the self-destructive thoughts.

We’re also thinking about the possibility of birth defects—this concerns pregnant mothers who drink alcohol. It can damage the baby’s development. It can cause learning disabilities, physical deformities, and even brain damage. In fact, no amount of drinking has been shown to be safe.

Alcoholism can also damage a person’s reputation and their career. It can lead to broken friendships, missed opportunities, and financial problems. A person who is constantly drunk will make poor decisions and encounter legal problems. They may cause public disturbances, or generally behave poorly.

Overall, drinking decreases a person’s quality of life. Seeking treatment is the first step in the right direction.

What is Luxury Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab works using a combination of medical detox and behavioral therapy. So in essence, it is completely similar to drug rehabilitation. Both programs deal with addiction after all.

We will discuss traditional alcohol rehab later on, but for now we will focus on luxury alcohol rehab and why you should consider it.

Just because a person has lots of money doesn’t mean they are any less vulnerable to the effects of alcoholism. Anyone can get addicted to alcoholic drinks—no matter their financial or social standing. In fact, we could argue that wealthier individuals are more susceptible to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. They are more likely to abuse these substances, simply because they can afford them. They can buy plenty of alcoholic drinks for themselves. They attend more events where drinking is involved. They have the means to pursue their addiction.

Simply put, there are many situations wherein a wealthy person can choose to abuse alcohol.

Luxury alcohol and drug rehab programs allow patients to receive high quality treatment. For wealthy people, this means they’ll get to remain in the lifestyle they are accustomed with, even as they are receiving treatment. For others, it simply means better service compared to regular rehab centers.

Just because you are going through addiction doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your standard of living. You can pursue recovery even while receiving topnotch service. Luxury programs specialize in providing this incredible experience. They provide first-rate care while making sure the patient is completely comfortable.

In fact, most luxury alcohol rehab centers are designed to resemble resorts or spas. This is to keep their patients cozy throughout the treatment program.

While it works much the same way as traditional rehab does, executive alcohol rehab has a number of added benefits. It works with additional elements to make treatment more effective overall. The focus of luxury alcohol rehab is holistic care. This way, the patient’s mind and body is healed while they get to relax at the same time.

Executive alcohol rehab comes with a number of perks and amenities. For starters, you can expect them to serve gourmet food for every meal. Facilities either have an in-house chef, or food is catered.

Some facilities offer amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts for those who are fitness oriented. It helps the patient get back into shape or maintain their figure while sweating off the effects of alcohol abuse.

If the patient wants to relax and be more mindful, some facilities offer programs such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.

But what truly sets luxury alcohol rehab from regular rehab programs is the individualized luxury care. Each guest has a personalized recovery plan that tackles their physical and psychological needs. The patient undergoes an initial assessment to see the severity of their condition. Afterwards, a treatment plan can be made, wherein traditional and holistic approaches will be incorporated.

Evidence-based research will help the facility create state-of-the-art treatment for every individual.

Of course, the treatment won’t be effective without the aid of trained professionals who specialize in certain fields of care. Mental illnesses such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders can be managed this way.

As for family involvement, facilities may vary in terms of their approach. Some programs encourage family members to play a role in helping their loved one recover. As such, the patients are allowed to maintain contact with their families while in treatment.

On the other hand, there are luxury alcohol rehab centers that encourage independence. So for the duration of treatment, the patients are taught how to care for themselves. This is great for those who live in toxic environments, and patients who could benefit from some time away from their family and their responsibilities.

So overall, being a luxurious facility doesn’t mean they are only focused on relaxation, food, and perks. It means that the program is committed to giving the patient an enjoyable and effective treatment experience so they can come out of it as a better person.

What are the Different Kinds of Luxury Alcohol Rehab?

Luxury rehab comes in many different forms. Rehab may have already been an umbrella term for all kinds of treatment, but even luxury rehab has different types. Here we’re going to give you an idea on how some of them work.

Regardless of type, you can expect the amenities, the food, the staff, and the service quality to be the same. Expect some cutting edge therapeutic methods no matter what kind of luxury alcohol rehab you end up in. But some patients have specific needs that may only be addressed in certain ways. That’s why different approaches are necessary.

Short Term Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Some addictions just aren’t as severe as the others. And because everyone experiences addiction in different ways, short term luxury rehab is necessary for those with moderate conditions.

These luxury alcohol rehab programs may last anywhere between 14 and 30 days. It ultimately depends on the patients needs. This type of program is suitable as a first level treatment or as a follow up treatment for preventing relapse. It can also be for those who are just trying to remain sober.

Detox facilities for this type of treatment are often smaller, to accommodate only a few individuals at a time. The sessions are usually spread out over the course of a few weeks.

Just like any other type of treatment program, short term rehab also involves a customized aftercare program to ensure successful recovery.

Long Term Executive Alcohol Rehab

For severe conditions, as well as patients who have relapsed, long term treatment may work out better for them.  This means the patient will have to commit to a long term residential plan. The alcohol rehab may last from 60 days up to 90 days, depending on the patient’s condition.

This also includes an opportunity to bond with other people who are going through similar problems. They may be able to focus on their damaged relationships and take the time to fix them.

The duration of treatment will vary from person to person. The goal is to get to the bottom of substance abuse and identify the factors that caused it.

With more time to address the complexities of addiction recovery, patients are more likely to recover through long term executive alcohol rehab. There’s a higher chance of success and a lower risk of relapse, but it also takes quite some time to achieve the desired results. That seems to be the trade off, because the patient won’t be able to manage their responsibilities while in rehab.

But of course, considering how addiction will prevent them from managing those responsibilities anyway, it’s good to seek treatment—no matter how long the process takes.

Regardless of the length that the patient chooses (or the treatment plan made for them) they can expect the recovery plan to be custom made for their specific needs.

What is Traditional Alcohol Rehab Like?

Now that we know about some of the benefits of luxury alcohol rehab, let’s compare it to the regular rehabilitation program for alcohol addiction. This is another option for those who don’t want to invest in luxury treatment.

It doesn’t matter which one you end up with, as long as you are actively seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. In fact, it’s great that patients have a variety of options. They can choose the program that suits them best.

Traditional alcohol rehab consists of a few main phases. Treatment begins with an initial assessment, to see which type of program is most suitable for the patient, whether it is inpatient or outpatient. Medical detox soon follows. During detox, the body is slowly weaned off the addictive substance. In this case, the person’s alcohol intake is lowered gradually.

The patient will inevitably have to deal with withdrawal, but because medical professionals are supervising them, their symptoms can be dealt with. It is much safer to detox with medical assistance. Doing it otherwise is dangerous for a person’s health, and will only lead to relapse.

Withdrawal symptoms may manifest beyond 48 to 72 hours after the last drink. Common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, and vomiting. The patient will also experience intense cravings for alcoholic drinks.

They may also experience stomach cramping, headaches, clammy skin, tremors, and high blood pressure.

Some people even suffer from seizures, fever, and hallucinations due to abruptly quitting alcohol.

Purging the body of all the alcohol toxins is a gradual process. But in the end, the person’s health will be restored. Medications may be used to help counteract the symptoms as well as control their cravings.

Behavioral therapy is the next step towards sobriety. This is considered the main event. If detox deals with the physical effects of addiction, therapy deals with the emotional effects. Detox is similar to cutting the weeds while therapy is all about uprooting them.

A counselor will work with the patient in order to get to the root cause of their alcohol abuse. It doesn’t matter how the habit started: a therapist can get to the bottom of it. They will help the patient work out with their issues so that they won’t continue to abuse alcohol when the treatment is over.

There are individual sessions and there are group sessions for this part of the program. The patient can learn how to deal with their own problems by focusing on themselves. They can also learn to communicate better with other people. They’ll find it easier to relate with people who are experiencing the same problems as them. Alcoholics may find strength in one another as they try to best their addiction.

Addiction treatment doesn’t end there. Aftercare is necessary in order to maintain sobriety. This is why addiction recovery is said to take years. It can take a lifetime—and sometimes it does. Being sober is a conscious decision. Relapse is a possibility, even after a successful treatment.

But aftercare can help the person stay on the right track. Once they step out of the rehab center, they need to make the decision to stay clean. They will need to continue working on their recovery so that they can maintain their sobriety.

Sober living homes may help the person adjust to the drug-free lifestyle. It teaches them independence and responsibility. This will help them get reacquainted with the responsibilities they left behind when they became alcoholic.

In case you were wondering, there are luxurious sober living homes out there as well. If you enjoy the extra amenities and high quality service, most luxury alcohol rehabs can refer you to executive sober homes. Some may even have their own sober living facilities.

You will know that the treatment program is right for you if it melds with your personal beliefs and goals. For example, certain 12-step programs are heavily based on faith, so it might not work for people who are atheists. Different programs follow different philosophies.

Certain treatment centers also target certain demographics. Some facilities are for parents, some are for single people, some are for couples, some are for the elderly, some are for members of the LGBT community—the list goes on.

Also, when looking for the right treatment facility, consider the setting. Is it close to your home? Do you want a facility that’s close to your usual environments? Is it in a peaceful area or is it in a busy street? Is it secluded and close to nature? Is it in the city? Consider the location and your own preferences.

Luxury alcohol rehab is commonly located in secluded areas that are close to nature—they are all about providing beautiful environments for their patients after all. If the luxury rehab is located in the city, they are likely to be in peaceful parts of the community.

Motivation plays a key role in achieving sobriety, and these early decisions can help keep a patient motivated.

Should We Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

When it comes to alcohol treatment, there’s always an option that fits your needs. Your personality and preferences will also be taken into consideration. In fact, choosing the right rehab is a bit more complicated than that. Your substance abuse history, your drinking habits, your career, your relationships, your co-occurring disorders, your age, and your health condition may all play a role in selecting the right kind of rehab for you. This is what makes the initial medical assessment very important.

Just keep in mind that there’s a luxury variation for every type of treatment out there.

Now when it comes to choosing between inpatient and outpatient treatment, there are a few ways to make the selection process easier.

For starters, those who have severe alcohol addiction may not be given a choice. Some cases require inpatient treatment because only a focused program can cure their condition. If the patient hopes to achieve sobriety, they will have to commit to the treatment entirely.

Outpatient treatment is only for those who have mild to moderate conditions.

In the event that you or your loved one is given the choice between inpatient and outpatient, there are a couple of ways to make the right decision. For starters, it’s good to know the difference between the two options.

Inpatient treatment is sometimes referred to as residential treatment because it involves letting the patient stay in a facility for the duration of the program. It is generally more focused, and therefore has a higher rate of success. It also has a lower risk of relapse.

It takes the patient away from their regular environment. This can be good for those who have regularly toxic environments which cause them to drink. Keeping them away from this stress can help them make better decisions. It will make it easier for them to get sober.

However, inpatient alcohol addiction rehab is generally more expensive. The patient has to pay for lodging. Their needs are also provided every day, so you can expect the prices to be higher.

Most luxury alcohol rehab centers mainly offer inpatient treatment because they house all their amenities.

Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is also known as partial hospitalization. It doesn’t keep the patient in a facility, but it involves frequently scheduled visits to the treatment facility.

This allows the patient to continue living life as normal, although they have to follow a strict set of guidelines in order to maintain their progress. They will have to make an extra effort in order to stay sober. But it also gives them more freedom to do as they please.

They will get to stay with their loved ones as they are receiving treatment. They will get to do their hobbies. They will get to manage their responsibilities. It gives a better sense of normalcy, even under the stressful situations caused by alcoholism.

However, outpatient treatment is less focused and therefore more likely to fail. That is why it is only recommend for those with mild to moderate conditions. The patient must exert even more effort in order to stay sober. But it is generally a more flexible treatment option.

This program is also much cheaper in comparison because the patient doesn’t have to pay for lodging.

The methods used for both treatments are mostly the same. Only the scheduling and approach is different.

Both types of alcohol treatment can effectively help a person achieve recovery. They do serve different functions though, and those with longstanding alcohol-related issues are better off with residential treatment.

What matters is that the patient receives the kind of treatment that suits them.

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What Can We Expect from Executive Alcohol Rehab?

Now that we’ve explored most types of alcohol rehab, it’s time to get into further detail regarding executive alcohol rehab. What exactly can you expect from this type of treatment? Why go for the luxurious option?

Of course we can expect it to be more expensive overall—that’s one of the reasons it is called “luxury” rehab after all. But we can see this as more of an investment. It’s a choice that alcoholics can make. If they are willing to shell out more money to get the best service quality, then there’s nothing wrong with going with this type of program.

Just because it is called executive alcohol rehab doesn’t mean it’s only for executives per se. Anyone who is willing to make that investment can enjoy all of its benefits.

And later on we will also discuss a few options on how a patient can pay for luxury alcohol rehab.

So in general, luxury alcohol rehab facilities offer everything we mentioned above that a traditional rehab offers. That’s the base method of dealing with addiction after all. The difference is that luxury rehab offers more than that.

We already mentioned the gourmet food. But in terms of dining, you can actually expect the meals to be based on what’s best for the patients health-wise. So not only are you being cured, your health is being improved as well. Think of it as a way to correct your course, diet-wise.

If the patient wants to set their life straight, getting healthy is one of the best ways to do it. And they can achieve this by simply choosing the right food, and eating the healthiest meals. Luxury rehab can ensure that your meals are delicious and nutritious.

And speaking of getting healthy, most luxury alcohol rehab facilities offer various fitness related activities to motivate the patient to get in shape.

Generally, luxury alcohol rehab just offers more methods of treatment. It provides additional therapies. It makes these different techniques available to the patient so that they can recover more easily.

Luxury alcohol rehab also has a lower staff-to-patient ratio. This means the trained medical professionals will have more time to devote to your needs. You can expect more personal care than you might from a public program. Luxury alcohol rehab may even have a lower ratio than private programs.

Those who have been in an executive alcohol rehab facility describe it as similar to a stay at a 5-star resort. The patient can really get comfortable while receiving serious treatment. And we’re emphasizing the word “serious” here. Some people might think that the addiction treatment is not taken seriously just because more care is being given to the patients.

The patients can expect more privacy and they can enjoy more amenities, but they still make serious progress in terms of recovery.

Service is best described as holistic. Every aspect of the problem is tackled simultaneously to achieve the best results. If traditional methods don’t work for certain patients, they may be given alternative therapeutic options. These methods may be different, but they enhance the wellness of the individual. This means massage therapies, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture are available.

These high end treatments help the mind and the body. They improve a person’s overall health.

Common treatment methods offered in executive rehab include art therapy, animal assisted therapy, music therapy, hypnotherapy, nutritional counseling, creative writing, and even surfing.

Do keep in mind that services offered will depend on the facility. Make sure you inquire first before you sign up for any program. You want to know exactly what you’ll be paying for before you begin the treatment.

Try to find out more about the services they offer, the staff, and the quality of the private rooms. The latter is an excellent opportunity to reflect on one’s goals, so it is important to maintain peace and solitude. The rooms must be topnotch—you can expect as much from a luxury alcohol rehab. The patient needs to be free from distractions. They don’t need a roommate for this journey.

Ask about the availability of these rooms ahead of time.

Facilities are located all over the country. Find one that’s most suitable for the patient. Most of them are in remote locations—perfect for total privacy. In fact, just the natural beauty of these places can be therapeutic. It could inspire the alcoholic individual to actively pursue sobriety. Like we said earlier, motivation is a key factor in recovery.

How Can We Pay for the Cost of Luxury Alcohol Rehab?

It’s not surprising that executive alcohol rehab programs are expensive. They are named that way for a reason. They carry a high price tag, and their costs can run upwards of several thousand dollars per month. Prices will vary depending on the number of amenities offered, and the facility’s location.

Of course, because of the prohibitive nature of these prices, most rehab facilities of this type offer different financing options to help offset the high cost of treatment.

The first and most obvious option is, of course, insurance. Many insurance plans cover addiction rehab (now that it is required by law to cover it). However, not all of them cover the cost of luxury alcohol rehab entirely. Some plans may help shoulder some of the expenses. Even partial coverage may be very helpful in this case.

But what’s important is that you check with your insurance provider to make sure you know what your plan is covering. Find out whether or not luxury rehab is covered under your plan.

If insurance is not an option, you can check with certain facilities to see if they offer payment plans. This way, you can spread out your payments over time as you receive treatment. This helps alleviate the burden of a one-time lump sum.

If necessary, you may consider taking out a personal loan. Many banks offer this to make treatment possible. Again, it is important to check with your bank to see how they can help you in this situation. Try to budget reasonably and avoid predatory loans that have very high interest rates.

Lastly, you can try crowd funding through social media. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who will be willing to help you in your time of need.

If luxury alcohol rehab is not a realistic option for you, then any type of rehab will do. What’s important is that you get on the road to recovery today.

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