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The time needed to overcome drug addiction differ from one person to another. For one to become dedicated from treatment, you must tell yourself that you re the only person who can control your own addiction.

  • Most people addicted to drugs do not know that this habit can be resisted.
  • There is no assurance of how long will you undergo treatment after using drugs or alcohol.
  • There are few things that can significantly decrease the amount of time towards recovery.

Accepting the reality that you have a problem is the first step

Once you are aware that you are a drug user, it will be easier for you to recover during treatment. If you know that people around you know that you are having an addiction battle and are undergoing a treatment process, do not ever get embarrassed. It is good that everyone knows that you are undergoing treatment because they will be considerate towards you. The people around you will help you recover from addiction in whatever possible way they can.

The amount of time for your treatment and recovery depends on your own perception of the entire journey

The amount of drugs you took in, the kind of drug you are addicted to, and the intensity of effort you put into the recovery process all contribute to the speed of recovery from addiction.

The National Institute of Health advises that you get yourself productive if you are trying to fight addiction

If your mind is idle, it will revolve around the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms alone. If you are pre-occupied with different activities, your brain will be bombarded by multiple stimuli that are all related to your tasks and it will drown addiction-based pains and drives.

Here are hobbies that any addicted person can do to make herself or himself productive


Researchers have found out that doing yoga helps patients recover faster. By doing yoga and making it your regular practice, it will put your body in a state of resetting your fight-or-flight responses. Without yoga, the fight and flight responses are triggered when you are in going through the withdrawal phase.

For speedier positive results, combine yoga with breathing techniques to enter yourself into a relaxing state and stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain. When doing yoga, it makes the brain think that the activity is already the “reward,” instead of previously having drugs.

Yoga is also beneficial in boosting your levels of oxygen-rich blood cells, which are necessary for the detox process. In fact, drug detox centers provide yoga sessions because the drug’s toxins and metabolites are released through performing the twisting poses. When this is done regularly, the once stagnant blood flow will regain waves again. After releasing the twist, the nutrient-rich oxygenated blood will flow in from the arteries to rejuvenate the organs.

Moreover, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, it has been proven that yoga can help in alleviating your condition. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the sole which is usually acquired after regular prolonged standing, sports injuries, or wearing a footwear that does not fit the structure of your feet perfectly.

Custom-made splints can relieve the pain on your sole, but the doctors do not prescribe it because it may develop patient dependence. Yoga stretches the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia which are the core requirements of treating the condition.


By gardening, you will be receiving vitamins from the sunlight. In turn, it will lower anxiety and stress levels that can boost your mood. Vitamin D will decrease your cravings.

According to Dr. Philip Smith of the National Institutes of Health, engaging yourself in gardening will alter your urge into eating more vegetables and fruits. Eating healthy and organic edibles that are high in antioxidants have the ability to flush drugs and toxic byproducts from the body. Also, including fiber in the diet can flush out toxins and lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you should replenish your body with nutrients because drug addiction flushed out the beneficial nutrients from your body.

You can cultivate your own garden and grow organic vegetables that are high in essential polyamine antioxidants. They are highly needed by your body to recover from the negative effects of drugs addiction.

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