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How Strong Is Fentanyl?




Fentanyl can be 80 times more powerful than morphine and hundreds of times more powerful than heroin. However, on its own, this drug possesses certain qualities that make it an addictive drug unlike any other. Other estimates would even consider that fentanyl, when injected, can elicit 25 to 40 times the result which heroine does to the body.

Other instances would make fentanyl a high demand in the illicit drug trade.

Fentanyl is produced, synthesized in labs, and illegally traded among substance users. While pharmaceutical products include fentanyl among the drugs that require a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional when it is bought over the counter or ordered from the drug business, crimes involving drugs have usually included fentanyl amongst the seized substances.

The hidden demand for fentanyl is reflected by the statement of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart, who said that drug incidents related to the use of fentanyl are becoming alarming. She also went on to say that fentanyl on the street poses huge threat to public safety and health. While it can be used to mitigate chronic pain, it is also dangerous in cases of overdose.

Most incidents wherein police operations busted drug crimes involved fentanyl abuse. Nationally, the percentage of this abuse has increased with supplies that are diverted by thefts.

History of fentanyl’s demand goes way back since its formulation in Belgium in the early 1950s.

  • A decade later, the drug was introduced as an intravenous anesthetic for surgery because it functions to mitigate chronic pain.
  • In 1985, a research in UCLA identified fentanyl variants that reached 10 of its kind, some even with a higher potency than the original.
  • Currently, it is one of the drugs abused by medical professionals.

As it is a substance keen with the proper prescription, users have reasons to use the drug. Two of the most common are that they relieve the pain and they give a certain feeling of euphoria for people who take them for recreational purposes. The former comes from the necessity for pain relief.

Certain people who are medicated with this drug often lead themselves to long-term addiction as they become dependent on its results in their system. The second one belongs to recreation reason, where users take the drug just to experience a sensual feeling which they usually do not encounter when they are sober.

As fentanyl and other addictive drugs continue to plague the health of the nation, this on-going phenomenon reveals the power that fentanyl’s demand has amongst its abusive users. However, despite its strength in demand, its dosage within the body’s system whether for relief or sensuality can lead to a fatality in the long run. The fact is that deaths do not only occur among its users, but also among the people around them. Rehab Near Me wants you to find the best detox and rehab center in your area. Keep checking back to our blog for more great articles.



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