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Fentanyl is a powerful opioid analgesic that carries risks if it is not used as prescribed. The same can be said for most narcotics. And because Fentanyl is an opioid, it also carries the risk of getting the user addicted.

The drug is used for adult patients who are struggling with pain, particularly severe cases. Cancer pain, traumatic pain, and post-surgical pain are among the conditions that are treated with Fentanyl. It is usually taken orally, but it can also be given as transdermal patches. The transdermal patches are for those who require continuous pain relief.

Although generally useful, the drug is quite addictive, so it must be used properly. Here we will talk about how long Fentanyl stays in a person’s system. This way, we can reduce the risk of drug abuse and dependence.

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

How Long Does it Stay in Your SystemFentanyl is a drug that is abused by recreational users in order to get high. But even those who are taking it as a prescription medication can encounter its side effects if they don’t use the drug properly.

It is best to follow your doctor’s prescription carefully. Do not take large doses of Fentanyl. Do not take it more often than you are supposed to. If someone you care about is abusing Fentanyl, they will likely run out of Fentanyl long before they are supposed to.

If you think someone is abusing this substance, keep track of their intake.

Fentanyl is usually prescribed to patients who are already taking other opioid medications. That is why the risk of overdose is greater.

To avoid accidental overdose, find out exactly how much Fentanyl should be taken at a time. Doctors who prescribe Fentanyl usually have special training that helps them reduce the patient’s risk of overdose.

After you are instructed about the prescription, you will be asked to sign that you understand these risks.

If Fentanyl is given as a transdermal patch, it will take several hours to kick in. Oral applications work faster because they take effect once they’ve passed through the digestive system. Take note that Fentanyl takes about 5 days to be completely eliminated from your system regardless of the method of administration.

Each type of patch and oral application interacts with the body differently, so it is not a good idea to switch one for another unless directed by your doctor.

If you are taking any other medications, be sure to talk to your doctor about it. Many different drugs and substances can have dangerous interactions if you still have Fentanyl in your system.

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Fentanyl is very potent. That is why the risk of addiction and dependence is so high. But even before a person can get addicted, they’re already at risk of fatal overdose. It is not a good idea to abuse this drug just to get high.

Fentanyl overdose can lead to breathing difficulties, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, and fainting. Take note that illegal Fentanyl is even more dangerous.

If you or someone you care about is abusing this substance, look for a drug rehab facility near you today. Find out what programs they offer for Fentanyl addiction. Remember that even helpful drugs can be deadly if they are abused. Get on the path to sobriety and visit a local addiction treatment center.

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