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What makes drug addiction a worse problem is the fact that users have so many drug options to choose from. It’s just like saying that getting addicted is like a piece of cake. If you don’t want one kind of drug, there are so many more waiting for you to try on. This also makes it difficult to solve the problem as it seems like we don’t know where to start exactly. What’s worse is, these different kinds of drugs are taking over place-countries in general.

Now, the US is having a problem with fentanyl as the drug seems to be taking over the market. Such large quantities of drug getting inside the country is so alarming especially that fentanyl have detrimental effects on people. This addiction blog hopes to educate people on the dangers of drugs. If in case they get cause with addiction, recovery centers are available to provide help.

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The pre-war co-op on New York’s Upper West Side, across the street from Central Park, was the fictional home of “Seinfeld” character Elaine Benes.

In real life it’s where an accused Sinaloa drug kingpin stashed fentanyl to be weighed, bagged and labeled for sale on New York streets under the names “UBER,” “Panda,” and “Wild Card.”

When narcotics agents raided Apartment 6D in August, they found 1,100 glassine envelopes of the deadly synthetic heroin, plus everything else needed for a distribution mill: bags of bulk fentanyl, stamps, ledgers, gloves, masks, rubber bands, a heat sealing device and a gun stuffed between couch cushions.

The iconic building was the final stop on just one artery of an illicit pipeline stretching all the way back to China.

The pipeline flows in another direction, as well, direct from Chinese laboratories to U.S. customers through the mail, bringing small, hard-to-detect packages of extremely pure fentanyl to suburban doorsteps.

Both channels are feeding a deadly epidemic, moving a drug so potent that the equivalent of a few grains of table salt can be fatal.

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