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Of all people, it’s the police who are supposed to know the fact that drug is dangerous and using, selling, or just being involved with it in any way can lead to punishment. But it turns out that many of our cops so not take this seriously. Just like with this former police chief who ended with drug arrest.

Perhaps, people like him think that they can always get away with it or that they will never get caught. This kind of mentaility is what makes the problem with drug addiction worse. More and more people do not fear the punishement they may receive for being involved with drugs and they still keep doing it. This leads to the increasing number of drug addicts that need to be saved with the help of addiction treatment centers.


Columbia, SC (WLTX) — A search for a suspect evading arrest ended with drug charges for former Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott.

Scott was in court for the first time Wednesday afternoon, where a judge gave him a $5,500 personal recognizance bond. That meant he was released without paying any money, and wouldn’t have to forfeit funds unless he breaks the conditions of his bond.

According to Richland County deputies, Tyrique Wilson, a suspect wanted out of Lexington County on several drug charges, led U.S. Marshals to Scott’s house on Heyward Higgins Road. When drugs were reportedly seen in plain view inside the house, a search warrant was executed, resulting in the discovery of meth in Scott’s bedroom.

“There’s no sense in drug use, there’s no sense in anybody being involved with people who are involved with drugs… there’s no excuse for it,” said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

Seven people were reportedly inside the home at the time of the search, with three of them charged in connection to the drugs found. Jail records show Scott is charged with possession of less than one gram of meth or cocaine base. Wilson and Jessica Owen, who both either claimed the drugs or was in possession, were also charged in connection to the search.

During a press conference Wednesday, Lott said ony three emotions can summarize the arrest of the former chief: sad, mad and disappointment.

“You’re mad that someone’s done something like this; you’re sad that they’ve thrown a career away and their involved in something like this; and you’re very disappointed… if i could strangle him id strangle him but i cant,” he said…


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