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It is complex to define alcoholism as a disease. In the medical industry, alcoholism is defined by both psychological and physical cravings for alcohol almost always paired with harmful compulsive behaviors.

  • While some people can manage themselves when drinking alcoholic beverages, there are people who cannot and instead lose control over everything.
  • Most people call those who “can’t control” as alcoholics.
  • The society often generalizes people with alcohol abuse problems and alcohol addiction issues as one.

It is oftentimes difficult to recognize the signs of alcoholism.

Each person has their own limits and bodily reactions when it comes to alcohol. However, there are common warning signs that people who are addicted to alcohol share:

Intoxication is frequent.

An obvious alcoholism sign, however, this is not a definitive sign because there are really people who have a low tolerance for alcohol. We cannot classify those people with low tolerance for alcohol as alcoholics because they cannot handle themselves each time.

On the other side, there are those who drink a lot and always get drunk at parties. This behavior, which is proof of being impulsive in cravings may lead to alcohol addiction in no time.

Drinking to forget problems.

Some people will keep drinking just to wash out their problems, without noticing that their drinking habits may cause them health problems. This is one of the biggest warning sign of alcoholism and may lead to a serious drinking problem. These people can be classified as alcoholics.

Responsibilities are neglected.

If you know someone who drinks a lot and neglects his or her other activities in life like jobs and relationships, then this is the biggest sign of alcoholism. Financial obligations are unmet, relationships do not work out, jobs are mishandled all because of the drinking cravings are characteristic signs of alcoholism. Technically speaking, these people are on the verge of ruining their own lives. Some of the alcoholics, who are often referred to as functional alcoholics, can be considered lucky because they are able to keep their families intact. However, the drinking should stop as soon as possible to prevent the person from becoming a “monster” to his own self.

Alcoholism is not easy to overcome, as experts say it is a disease.

It is difficult to stop the cravings at an instant because alcohol is legal and readily available in our society. If you know someone who is struggling with alcoholism, get them help. There is no harm in seeking treatment.

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