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Alcoholism Withdrawal: It Is Possible To Overcome




When a person wakes up after drinking the whole night, often, that person feels nauseous, dehydrated with lots of aching muscles, and a headache. Referred to as a hangover, this is just one of the negative side effects a person can get from drinking a lot of alcohol.

When a dependent drinker or an alcoholic wakes up after drinking the whole night, the person will reveal different symptoms as their brain will perceive their drinking as not enough. However, over time, your body and your brain will get used to the regular levels of consuming alcoholic beverages.

Withdrawal can begin the moment your body and your brain feel that it is not being satisfied. For this reason, many people who become dependent on alcohol feel the compulsion to drink even early in the morning every single day. Moreover, alcohol-dependent individuals may have no choice but to continue this cycle just to avoid experiencing any of the lethal withdrawal symptoms.

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms is not dependent on a single factor.

Various factors include how long the person’s drinking habits turned into heavy drinking. Generally, you will be experiencing the minor withdrawal symptoms after you drink heavily for a week or a month and then the major symptoms after more than a month or several years of alcohol abuse.

The mild withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use may initially be seen with the appearance of a hangover.

You may experience heavy sweating, vomiting, insomnia, rapid pulse, and hand tremors. Also, your sweat may reek of alcohol since the alcohol concentration in your body has reached the extremes. Such symptoms usually come with a strong urge to drink more alcohol.

Severe withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use are usually life threatening.

The set of symptoms includes hallucinations in both visual and auditory senses, palpitations, and seizures. There are only a limited number of alcoholics that need to be hospitalized during detoxification. However, you may not be able to foretell whether you will be needing supervision while going through the detox process. Those who went through detox a couple of times also increase their susceptibility of experiencing withdrawal symptoms with more severity.

In many cases, the withdrawal symptoms would last 7-10 days and will get less severe. You should know that the few days where you would feel a little discomfort from detox may help for the prevention of a lifetime of problems with your health or even an early death.

Once you consume alcohol, your brain will be having a very hard time forgetting its existence in your body. All the days of consuming copious amounts of alcohol can lead the brain into thinking that it is the new “normal.” Eventually, you will develop tolerance.

Unfortunately, the brain does not come with an undo button. Patches cannot be installed via a convenient medium and we won’t be able to reboot. However, new behaviors can be learned.

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