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Cocaine is a powerful drug to the point of greatly affecting the life of a person. Worse is, it has been the culprit for so many deaths and crime. It is also considered as a major problem in many countries that they try to find the best solution to solve the problem and help those who are addicted to it. One of the ways of doing way is through the availability of addiction treatment centers.

But now, there has been a breakthrough. Scientists say that the cure for cocaine addiction is on its way. If this happens, for sure so many lives will be saved. It is a radical gene therapy that has shown to dampen down the cravings for cocaine and protect the user against an overdose of the substance that can be lethal.

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A radical gene therapy for drug addiction has been shown to dampen down cravings for cocaine and protect against overdoses of the substance that would normally be lethal.

The therapy uses implants of stem cells which have been genetically engineered to release a powerful enzyme that removes the class A drug from the bloodstream.

Tests in the lab showed that mice fitted with the implants lost their appetite for cocaine and survived massive overdoses of the drug that killed 100% of untreated animals.

The work has raised hopes for a long term treatment for addiction that works by clearing drugs from the body as soon as they are injected, inhaled or ingested. The therapy would effectively make addicts immune to the substances.

Lead researcher Ming Xu, a professor of anaesthesia and critical care at the University of Chicago, said the approach was “highly efficient and specific for eliminating cocaine.”

“Compared to other gene therapies, our approach is minimally invasive, long term, low maintenance and affordable. It’s very promising,” he told the Guardian…

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