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Aside from drugs, alcohol is another substance that can greatly affect a person in negative ways. There have been a lot of cases also that alcoholism has become a problem to the people in the society. In fact, even in the world of entertainment, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear artists being alcoholic. Many celebrities had their own share of dilemma when it comes to drugs and alcohol addiction.

Following the issue on Demi Lovato’s overdose, the team of Britney Spears is strictly banning any alcoholic substance on her tour. This is because she too had her share of struggle with alcohol. Too much consumption of alcohol can affect the mind of a person which can lead him or her to do things he or she would not normally do. Alcoholism can lead to different crimes that can put people’s life in danger. This is why there are alcohol recovery programs available to help alcoholics and to prevent any unfortunate things from happening as a result of too much alcohol consumption.

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While Demi Lovato’s upcoming live dates have been canceled following the star’s relapse and suspected overdose on Tuesday, Page Six has learned that Britney Spears’ team has been taking no chances backstage on her current tour by strictly banning booze.

A source told us that at Spears’ Radio City Music Hall shows Monday and Tuesday, “Britney’s team set strict guidelines that no alcohol at all could be served backstage, because they want to keep it away from her, and also many of her dancers are underage.”

The source added, “Apparently this is the policy throughout her tour.”

It was reported before the tour kicked off that Spears would also have “advance people” removing any alcohol from hotel rooms where she’d stay, and that her team would “ensure no shady characters get anywhere near her,” reported column Straight Shuter.

Spears reportedly has been sober for some time, after an infamous 2007 public breakdown. A source told Page Six last year of the performer, “She’s in a Britney bubble. She’s healthy; she just celebrated another year of sobriety.”

There have been reports this year that a successful summer tour, including the Radio City gigs, could bring her a step closer to ending the conservatorship that father Jamie Spears has over her…

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