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Is Alcoholism With Opioid Use Safe?




There are several dangers that may arise due to substance abuse mainly revolving around the negative effects on one’s health. However, the negative effects are all multiplied when several substances are taken all together. Different types of medications have different effects on the people and among the most perilous combinations are opioids with alcohol.

In the modern society, there are a lot of people who are prescribed pain medications. While the main objective of taking pain medications is generally to help us get back to our daily lives sans the horrible pain every day, there are also a growing number of individuals who take pain medication for the sole purpose of recreation. With the latter purpose, numbing from stress, emotional pains, and disappointments in life are the goals.

However, pain medications are highly potent and addictive, which means that it is not advisable for them to be taken along with other substances. Still, in this modern era, there are plenty who are struggling with chronic alcohol abuse who are also taking prescription pain medication.  

Alcohol and addictive substances fall under the category of depressants.

Generally, depressants are able to provoke slowed breathing, confusion, and the impairment of judgment among others. When used in combination, these two can exacerbate the effects of each other and can have a severely negative impact on the person using them.

Taking opioids and alcohol in combination is potentially lethal in a number of cases as the effects of taking both includes:

  • Dizziness
  • Heart Rate Irregularities
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Fluctuations of Blood Pressure
  • Coma

Studies have proven that alcoholism has different stages.

For instance, you may be a social drinker at the moment. A lot of alcoholics start that way and then begin to drink alcohol more heavily and more frequently every day until they can no longer look back. As they consume heftier amounts of opioids, they resort to taking more alcohol to achieve the same effect each time.

These two addictive substances can put anyone at risk of overdose if taken in high amounts. The combination of these two, however, can even accelerate the rate at which these risks start to occur. For instance, a person who consumes opioids while drinking their usual amount of alcohol is highly likely to become more impaired than ever.

If you are currently dealing with an addiction to several substances, it is highly critical for you to seek treatment immediately. There should be no time wasted or you increase your risks of overdose ending in a total disaster. Treatment is very helpful in overcoming addiction, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and fully recovering into a normal life.

Addiction is truly a very difficult battle to fight.

That is why a comprehensive and extensive addiction treatment is highly necessary so you can eventually break free from the addiction. Treatment facilities usually individualize their programs so you will certainly receive a program unique to your own needs.

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