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How Long Do Opiates Stay In The System?

Different drugs, whether illicit or prescribed, vary in their duration of stay in the human body. One factor to consider is the physiological makeup of the individual, which will include height, weight, body fat percentage, the state of health, age, and even the frequency and difficulty of the exercise. Stress is also considered a factor as it is important to note the state of your mind at the time of ingestion. It is an important contributing factor on how long the opiates stay in the body.

Other important factors to consider would be:

  • The frequency of medication intake. Do you take it once a week? Twice every day? Or more?
  • The amount of dosage;
  • The consistency of drug;
  • The potency of the opiate is also crucial in the analysis of how long the opiate will stay in the human body.

A lot of people who suffer from pain disorders resort to the consumption of opiates for relief and be able to return to their normal life. While these medications are proven to have extremely beneficial for alleviating severe pain disorders, it still has adverse effects.

What Are The Common Opiates?

The fact is, there is no one form of opiate. The majority of these medications serve the same purpose, which is to treat pain. They are categorized under opiates because of their opium origin. Sometimes called opioids or narcotics, here are the most common forms of it in the market:

Opiates In The Human Body

For us to understand the exact duration that these medications tend to linger in the human body, it is important for us to know exactly what drug you are medicating with. Then, we will be able to figure out the half-life of the specific drug and get a rough estimate of the duration.

With some opiates like in Oxycontin, the drug can take 24.75 to 25 hours to be cleared from the body completely. This should serve as a precaution as the majority of the opiates last 5 to 7 days in the human body.

The traceable amount of opiates in urine should also differ from the actual amount of the drug that remains in your body. This is because drugs usually dissipate in urine more rapidly. Medical experts have discovered that majority of the opiates pass through urine in approximately 2 to 3 days. Of course, this amount will vary depending on how much you consume each day. The lesser opiates that have been taken, the quicker the drug leaves the urine and vice versa.

Opiates fall into a single category but are unique on their own. Analysis of the exact medication along with the frequency of administration will give you a clearer understanding of how long the opiates can get flushed out from the body through urine.

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