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Can Weekend Binge Drinking Be A Precursor To Alcoholism?

Drinking during your weekend break does not automatically imply that you have a trouble with alcohol. However, if you are in the case of binge alcohol consumption, it is time to reevaluate yourself. In other words, you had better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

You may decide to kick off the weekend break with a glass of wine, a beer,  or other mixed beverage of your choosing. What begins as one beverage soon leads to one after another. Before you knew it, casual drinking turns sloppy.

Why Binge Drinking Isn’t A good Idea

Binge alcohol consumption on weekend breaks can be extremely harmful. The issues may start with sleep problems that can progress to more serious conditions that involve both the liver and  lungs.  In addition, drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time can set off signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning or worse alcohol-related coma.

While excessive alcohol consumption does not always progress into alcoholism, it boosts your risk of developing dependence. The line between alcohol addiction and binge drinking during the weekend can be too thin, leaving most people unsure of whether it’s time to be concerned or not.

What Are The Signs Of Cringe Worthy Binge Weekend Drinking?

Going out for a couple of drinks with your friends is normal, but can swiftly go out of control. Rather than saying enough, the weekend drinking champion in you proceeds drinking excessively. Here are five usual indicators of a prospective weekend break alcohol consumption problem:

1 or 2 beverages is not enough?

You may discover that often, you’d want a 3rd or even extra beverages as time goes by. Unable to handle your alcohol consumption on weekends could progress to drinking even on weekdays.

Acting different when you’re sober?

Alcohol could highlight a different side of you, triggering you to act in a manner, which can place you, or those around you, at risk. Binge drinking during the weekend can make you do things that violate your far better, sober reasoning.

Alcohol has another benefit for you?

There are cases when you may warrant why you deserve a beverage like making it through a stressful week or ending up a crucial task at work. Rather that building up a possibility of dependence, come up with a brand-new way to reward your hardworking self.

Are you hostile when drinking?

Numerous research studies have actually revealed a direct association between hostility and binge drinking. Alcohol can change the way you reply to specific scenarios. It could be hard to identify a drinking trouble when it’s not a daily incident. However, weekend break binge alcohol consumption is a major worry when it comes to alcoholism. Consuming extreme amounts of alcohol on weekend breaks does not only bring your overall wellness down. It could damage your relationships, profession, and personal goals.

A societal stigma has been created against individuals, who are going through the alcohol abuse ordeal. Others instantly presume that these people are out of work,  lazy, and do not do anything from the time they wake up to when they drop asleep, but drink. While these maybe true to some, most of the time, this is far from reality. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim.

The term functional alcoholic was coined because there are many high achieving people who are addicts. Make a choice to give up binge drinking before it’s too late.

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