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Alcohol is a part o many occasions. In fact, alcohol is always present whenever there are big events in people’s lives. It’s also a symbol of fun and having a good time. Both men and women drink alcohol but have you ever wondered why men are known to have better tolerance to alcohol than women? In most cases, it’s the women who can’t afford to drink enough and they get drug so easily. Unlike men, they can go for several bottles and shots before the alcohol could take effect on them.


The article below talks about the reason behind alcohol affects more women than men and with this addiction blog, people can read relevant information on how to stay sober or when addicted to the substance, how to get out of it and live a better life. There are a lot of addiction treatment centers available today to provide help to anyone who needs it.

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It used to be that men were the outsized alcohol drinkers in Western society – perhaps best depicted in popular culture by Don Draper’s Mad Men cronies, who swilled from office stashes of brown liquor, knocked back three-martini lunches and imbibed Old Fashioneds in an after-work pub culture where few women dared tread.

But epidemiologists have noted that the rise of marketing alcohol to women and the changing of gender roles have gradually shifted the booze imbalance. Overall, men are still almost twice as likely as women to binge drink. But that isn’t true for younger people, specifically. In fact, women born between 1991 and 2000 now drink just as much as their male counterparts – and their drinking rates could eventually surpass them.

Women are increasingly suffering from the ill effects of alcohol, too. National data show that the cirrhosis death rate shot up by 57% among women aged 45-64 from 2000-2015 in the US, compared to 21% among men. And it rose 18% in women aged 25-44, despite decreasing by 10% among their male peers. Adult women’s visits to hospital emergency departments for overdosing on alcohol also are rising sharply. And risky drinking patterns are escalating among women in particular…

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