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Drug addiction can end one’s life. But it can also be a start of a new one. It has been proven how drugs can destroy one’s future. It is often the root of all evil happening around us, killing, kidnapping, rape, and so many others. The moment one gets addicted to drugs, getting put of it may not come so easy. But for those who are determined enough, nothing is impossible and there will always be hope for them.

The good thing about turning to drug addiction recovery centers is getting the chance to live a new life. For instance, getting addicted for drug or alcohol addiction can be a start of doing something good for the benefit of the many. Just like in Nyarugenge District, people, youth specifically you were once drug addicts are now turning themselves into self-help projects to wean off their addiction.

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At the roadside linking Rwezamenyo to Kimisagara separating Rwezamenyo and Gitega sectors of Nyarugenge District, we notice a group of about fifteen young men all in their mid-twenties in a beehive of woodwork related activities.

As we approach, two of them, dressed in navy blue workshop dust coats, simultaneously move quickly towards us calling ‘boss boss..!’ with hope we are new clients, they are sternly beckoned to move back by one amongst them; we realize there is order and control.  We decide to talk to the one with authority whom we latter learn is the head of discipline. 

Jean Paul Bikorimana, 27, is one of the 35 members of Tuzamurane, a cooperative formed by former drugs and alcohol addicts. 

“Each person you see here was a drug and alcohol addict; many of us were violent robbers,” says Bikorimana.

His father was a drunkard and his mother a teetotaller. Arriving in Nyamirambo in 1994 from a rural town of Bugesera, Bikorimana was a teenager and frightened by the drinking, smoking and fighting common in the area. But he got used to the place.

He says it all began with just tasting a little of the drugs every day.

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