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It’s not surprising to know that someone has died as a result of too much drug abuse. Drugs have been one of the most common reasons for the death of people. It also contributes to so many diseases that people are suffering from today. In spite of rehab services and addiction treatment centers that are willing to help, still, so many people choose to let drugs take over their lives and before they realize it, everything is too late.

One man from Wigan has actually died as a result of taking a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Mark Anthony Cunliffe was 41 years old when he died at the home of his ex-partner in Scholes, having taken each drug in amounts which would have been safe on their own, but which “worked collectively” to stop him breathing.

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Tragically, his mother Susan had last seen him two days before he died and had told him “not to do anything stupid”. Heartbreakingly, she was informed of her son’s death while on a cruise. Known to his family and friends as ‘Cunny’, he was a father of three children, Keiron, Charlie and Jamie, and had most recently worked as a fairground operator. At Bolton Coroner’s Court, a verdict of drug-related death through combined drug toxicity, was recorded. But confusion reigned over the circumstances leading up to his death, with Coroner Alan Walsh hearing conflicting evidence from the two people present at the scene – Mr Cunliffe’s ex-partner Deborah Leyland and a friend, Anthony Connor, who was unable to attend the inquest due to currently serving a prison sentence.

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