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Anyone, whichever career path you may be from can choose to try drugs and let himself be addicted to it. There are many cases when one turns to drugs to cope with so much pressure and expectations coming from those around him. This is very evident in the entertainment and even in the sports industry. But we should be focusing on the inspiring and successful stories. Just like with what happened to Whititaua Black who has fought his way out of addiction.

Black has tried cannabis before turning into methamphetamine. This addiction has caused his family to fall apart which caused him so much loneliness. But now, he is trying his best to get back on his foot and re-establish his life. For anyone who needs help and wants to be helped it is very important to turn into drug addiction treatment centers for help.

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The 31-year-old brother of Super Rugby first-five Otere Black was once a promising sportsman himself, winning Manawatū and national honours in touch rugby.

“From the time I was born I remember there was a rugby ball in my hand. Even now I still walk around with a rugby ball in my hands,” Black told Marae. But his success in sport as a teenager placed him in teams with players aged in their 20s, and through those connections he strayed.

After missing out on a major sevens tournament through injury, Black turned to drugs, first cannabis and then methamphetamine.

He would endure over 10 years of addiction in which his family would fall apart with his partner and child leaving.

“Loneliness has been the hardest. It is the worst punishment of all, to live with the loneliness,” Black told Marae.

“Every day I am lonely for my son. That is perhaps the biggest reminder of the things that I have done. I wake up and my son isn’t there. That’s what cautions me to never go back to that life. Otherwise you will lose more of your family.”

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